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June 15, 2024
Best Wooden Watch For New Adventure | 6 Best-Kept Secret Summer Destinations

Welcome to your summer. Do you have a strong desire to be elsewhere? Somewhere you’ve never been? Travel provides relief and helps us escape our everyday lives for a while...

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8 Totally Cool and Unusual Things to Do in San Francisco | Wooden Watch Made in San Francisco

If you’ve ever lived here, or found your way into these parts, you already know there’s an embarrassment of riches here: weird things to do, see and feel in our beloved city....

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8 Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks | Treehut Wooden Watches

Spring’s got you up, but the mess at home’s got you down. Don't despair. The sun is out, flowers are blooming, the earth is shifting. Things are stirring all around...

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5 Low-Key Spring Break Destinations: US Edition | A Perfect Watch For New Adventure

Spring has sprung and it’s high time for your next adventure.  The open road, a plane to anywhere.  The first whisper of warmer weather.  Many of your friends will be...

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Top Five Instagram Post from Fall 2017

We had a fantastic year thanks to all of you. is getting a new building, we launched our epic wood + marble watches, and we continue to help people create memories...

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Leave the World Behind

When we partnered up with Taylor Maag, we only knew we had two things in common: an affinity for dogs and travel. Taylor is the curious sort who left the...

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Treehut Gives Back

Last week we had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at our local San Francisco Bay Area Boys Hope Girls Hope program to donate school supplies! Boys Hope Girls Hope is a...

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Treehut Travels to Paris

Here at, we are all about love and adventure! It’s summertime, and that calls for a chance to take on a whole new experience by traveling! This summer, Treehut...

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How to: Solo Travel as a Woman #2

  During my three-month solo exploration, I was able to see the world like I never had before! I adventured to anywhere and everywhere that would have me. Oh, how I...

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How To: Solo Travel as a Woman

Ever been so scared to venture out of your comfort zone that the near thought of doing something extremely different made you clam up on the spot? Safe to say this...

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Father's Day Engravings on Your Treehut Wooden Watch

EXPRESSING LOVE FOR DAD WITH AN ENGRAVED WATCH   Are you a fan of engravings? So are we, that's why we put together a few engravings to help inspire your...

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Best Traveling Apps for 2017

It's almost that time of year. Students are graduating and finally taking that Eurotrip. Or maybe you need a break from your nine to five and wanna use that paid...

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Eat. Shop. Peru Watches

Food There is an overabundance of excellent food here; it has been my mission to try as much as possible. However, a good percentage of the trip was spent suffering from...

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Tree Hut Travels to Peru

The adventure began. It was 6 a.m. inside the Lima, Peru International airport. Having heard tales about fake taxis, it was a relief to discover a kiosk where you could...

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Why do we Travel? By

Have you ever thought about why we travel? Most of us know the joy of ascending into the sky to go somewhere we have never been. That feeling of watching...

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