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Best Traveling Apps for 2017

Best Traveling Apps for 2017

It's almost that time of year. Students are graduating and finally taking that Eurotrip. Or maybe you need a break from your nine to five and wanna use that paid time off. Whatever your itinerary, you've carefully planned every minute. You've marked the days off your calendar in anticipation, you have thumbed through the traveler's guide and googled images of your destination one too many times. 

With your tickets and passport in hand, the Treehut.co-crew Thought we should share some travel hacks that are sure to help. So we compiled a list of the ten best 2017 travel apps that should populate your phone and make a smoother more expensive trip, we hope (that was not a promise). Note, all apps are free unless otherwise stated. 


Kiwi- is an app that compares and finds flights often at extreme discounts. The app is free, but like any 3rd party traveling service, things can go wrong. Read the reviews here.

Hopper- is another big data app that analyses and tracks thousands of flights to find the best deals on flights around the world. One cool thing about hopper is that it gives you updates when prices drop. A great feature when you are on the go.

-Available for iPhone and Android


Whatsapp- is a simple messaging app that allows you to text on wifi and not end up with a $500 phone bill for roaming (it happens).

Rebtel- Skype, and Whatsapp will always be great options, but they require wifi. Rebtel is a phone service that taps into local phone lines and gets you the best possible rate for those called to tell mom you are still alive. Prices range from $2-5 a minute.

-Available for iPhone and Android


What is a trip if it doesn't make it to the gram? Here is a few photo editing tool that will make sure you look tan and sexy, not sunburnt and hungover.

Front Candy- allows you to overlay text and captions onto your photos. It is a great way to add some artistic expression to photos and create professional-looking designs in minutes.

-Only available for iPhone

AutoDesk Pixlr- Pixlr is as close to free Photoshop as you can get. The app is free, and with nearly 2 million different overlays, filters, and effects you can create your photo journal masterpiece. Photos can be stylized and layered to enhance selfies to their full potential.

-Available for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac.


Whether you are traveling alone, or with your significant other, odds are you will be looking for nightlife and fun. Below are some apps that should help you break out of your usual routine, maybe get drunk and wake up in another country not know how the hell to get back to your hotel (hey, it happens).  

Tinder- Ok, I see what you're thinking, Tinder? Yes! Tinder is a great way to meet fun and often interesting people in a city you know nothing. Even with its status as a “dating app” or more notoriously, a “hookup app” you can use Tinder anyway you, please. People will often put in the description what they are looking for like friends or someone to get a drink. Whatever your intention, Tinder remains a top performer when you are seeking to meet some new people and don't want the awkwardness of sitting at a bar alone.

Bumble BFF- Bumble is another dating app that decided they can do more than just match people for romantic encounters. The BFF setting on Bumble will allow you to match with people of the same sex that are just looking for people to hit the town with or catch a show. Bumble is a great way to take the pressure off and just meet some fun people. In our modern world where our dating culture and hookup culture have become exorbitantly linked, it is nice just to make some friends sometimes.

Available for iPhone and Android

Remember, the best app is a sense of adventure, a travel partner, and new friends.    

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