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8 Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks | Treehut Wooden Watches

8 Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks | Treehut Wooden Watches

Spring’s got you up, but the mess at home’s got you down. Don't despair. The sun is out, flowers are blooming, the earth is shifting. Things are stirring all around you--let's get in on the action.

The key lies in swapping out a few things and adopting a couple of house habits to simplify your everyday life. Creating an environment that gives you the feeling of a clean slate is important for overall mental well-being: it directly affects your mood and has everything to do with how well you tackle your projects. 

Scroll through these eight simple, solid tricks to get you springing into step:


1. Create a “Clutter Corner”


Clutter is a natural byproduct of being a busy human being. Don’t stress: accept it and accommodate it. We all need some room for error. Create a small, controlled space for some playing room. Then, challenge yourself to not push the outlined boundaries. This space could be your entryway, small nook, buffet table, or hall closet. Set up a shoe hanger, a rack for your unsorted mail, a bin for knickknacks and your kids’ toys.



2. Toss Those Tired Toiletries


We’re all guilty: expired products crowding our medicine cabinets, taking up residence under our sinks and in our makeup bags. Want some instant gratification? Throw those duds out. Do your small part as a good global citizen: check those labels for any containers or jars you can simply rinse and recycle. 



3. Use Natural Cleaners


The long-term health of your family is a worthwhile investment. Ditch the heavy chemicals and look into some natural cleaning solutions. We like products like Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, which serves every cleaning need you could possibly think of, and comes in a variety of scents. Diluted at the right ratio for the right job, it washes your dishes, your floors, your countertops, your clothes, your hair, even your teeth (so you know it's safe). Do yourself a favor and ease some anxiety about your little one getting into that chemical cabinet.



4. Hang it Up


For the best visual effect, go for floating shelves and mantel shelves in white--especially if you’ve got plain white walls. They free up valuable real estate and gives your home an airy atmosphere. With a handy stud finder, these are remarkably easy to install and the payoff is huge. Scour for wall spaces that could use some sprucing up. Depending on the size and weight capacity, a mantel shelf can hold your china, your best-looking books, your shiniest knickknacks, your bowl of keys and your flower vases. Apply this thinking across your entire home: i.e. suspend your cookware to free up cabinets and counter space. 



5. “KonMari” Your Closet


You know the feeling: pulling everything out of your dresser and closet in search of that one favorite t-shirt--and still not finding it. Radical idea: optimize your closet with only clothes you want to wear.  If you haven’t so much as thought about that orange sweater in the past six months, maybe it’s time to donate to your local thrift store. Some of us at Treehut are devoted fans of Marie Kondo, life hacker extraordinaire. Learn how to fold clothes like her and you're golden. 



6. Label Your Stuff


Buy yourself a label maker or establish a color-coded system, if that’s more your language. You already plan on putting stuff in boxes and containers--use fun labels to make the task enjoyable and save yourself a world of headaches later. Spending time to find and design designated homes for your knickknacks feels like a small price to pay for hours of saved time.



7. Paint it White


Start with a literal clean slate: paint your walls white and change out your couch case and bedding set to match. It’s all psychological. Empty white space and a few strategically placed mirrors create the illusion of more space. Everything contrasts well with a white backdrop, and this minimalist aesthetic in turn frees up your headspace to think about the more important things.



8. Put a Plant (or Four) on It

Once you’ve gotten the basics out of the way and have some extra breathing room, amp up your home’s air quality. Depending on how much space you have, put a plant in any corner that might benefit from something living. Put a few small potted plants on your windowsill and watch how it catches the sun. Seeing green indoors can do much for your well-being by mimicking the feel of being outdoors, without all the extra fuss. 




Can you see the light yet? The main takeaway from this list is to create a visually appealing, comfortable space that promotes your better moods and habits. Life can be wild, and the least you can do is create a safe haven you'll be excited to return to after a long day. 

Looking for more images or words of wellness? Find our mood boards on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Youtube. Explore our website for beautiful wooden timepieces in line with your new minimalist lifestyle.   

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