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25 Sustainable Summer Outfits Every Woman Should Own
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25 Sustainable Summer Outfits Every Woman Should Own

What was believed to be a fleeting trend a few years ago is proving to be anything but that. Sustainable fashion now goes beyond just brand campaigns and dossiers with buzzwords like ‘conscious’ and ‘responsible’. The concept has become a business imperative for the industry, which aims to shift away from the fast fashion model. Although the term is overused these days, sustainable fashion (to put it simply) refers to clothes that are designed, manufactured, distributed and consumed in a manner that protects the environment and promotes social responsibility. As a brand that is rooted in sustainability — with its handcrafted wooden accessories and ethically sourced materials — Treehut also plays its part in reducing the environmental footprint of the industry. With warmer weather on the horizon, we have prepared a guide on sustainable summer outfits that you can buy for their durability and, of course, contribution to the greater good.  

Organic Silk Blouse

sustainable silk blouse with bow

Organic silk is biodegradable and has a lower environmental impact compared to conventional silk. While it may not be what you often reach for during the sweltering heat, it still feels gentle against the skin. Plus, it is versatile enough to be worn on both casual and formal occasions. You can wear it with the
Emma Pearl Olive Rose Pink Watch to look more put together with little effort. 

Tencel Jumpsuit

Derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp, tencel (also known as lyocell) is a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that is ideal to wear during summers. It drapes beautifully, and feels soft against the skin. With its throw-on-and-go style, a tencel jumpsuit is a great option for work wear or casual wear. 

Linen Romper

sustainable blue linen romper

Linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant, and requires relatively less water and pesticides to grow. It is known for its breathability and lightweight feel, allowing the air to flow freely. It is also highly absorbent, thus keeping you cool and dry. 

Choose a linen romper for an effortlessly chic look, suitable for when you are running errands or hanging out with friends. The natural texture also adds a relaxed yet refined aesthetic. 

Hemp Blouse

Hemp is highly sustainable compared to synthetic fibers, as it requires minimal water, pesticides, and fertilizer to grow. The fabric also has the useful ability to keep you cool during the summers, and warm in winters. Not only will its natural UV resistance provide added protection from the sun, but its textured look can create depth and contrast within an outfit.

Organic Cotton Dress

pink organic cotton dress for summer

Organic cotton supports sustainable farming practices, and minimizes chemical exposure for both farmers and consumers. With its lightweight and comfortable fabric, an organic cotton dress can serve as a staple piece in your summer wardrobe. Put on some accessories for a chic look during a night out in the city, or pair it with slides for a day at the beach. 

Bamboo T-Shirt Dress

Bamboo is derived from bamboo grass, which can grow rapidly without the need for pesticides or irrigation. It also contribute to environmental health by absorbing greenhouse gases and releasing more oxygen than trees. 

Bamboo fabrics are exceptionally soft, and have natural moisture-wicking properties — hence, making them ideal for hot and humid weather. For a more polished (and sustainable) look, wear a wooden timepiece from Treehut, like the Theory Bamboo White Marble Watch

Organic Cotton Kaftan

cotton kaftan for sustainable summer outfit

With its fluid silhouette and billowing fabric, a kaftan has evolved beyond beach cover-up dressing. It now comes in various styles, from bold and colorful prints to intricately embroidered pieces. Its relaxed and resort-inspired take on fashion makes it perfect for loungewear. However, it can also be dressed up for an evening look, without making it seem like you tried too hard. 

Zero-Waste Dress

Zero-waste dresses are produced with minimal to no fabric waste, with the use of innovative design techniques. This process helps conserve resources such as water, energy, and raw materials. It also promotes circular fashion by emphasizing on recyclability and longevity. 

Zero-waste dresses usually feature fun and creative designs, thus showcasing the allure of sustainable summer outfits. From everyday summer dresses to evening gowns, you can have your pick. 

Upcycled Denim Dress

upcycled denim for sustainable summer outfit

Extending the life cycle of denim reduces landfill waste and avoids the environmental impact associated with producing new fabric. As reclaimed denim dresses are soft and broken in, they mold to the body over time and are more comfortable to wear. They also come in different styles and washes, giving you a range of options to choose from.

Recycled Polyester Crop Top

Made from plastic bottles or other recycled polyester garments, recycled polyester reduces the carbon waste associated with virgin polyester production. 

Recycled polyester crop tops are more than just a contemporary fashion statement; the quick-drying and stretchy material allows for comfort and ease of movement in warm weather. They come in a variety of styles; for example, cropped tees with graphics can be worn on casual summer days, whereas structured crop tops, with their clean lines and elegant cuts, can be worn to semi-formal events. 

Vintage Dress

white sundress for sustainable summer outfit

In many ways, vintage has become the new luxury. Instead of buying cheap, low-quality pieces that need to be discarded after a short time, consumers are now gravitating towards vintage clothes due to their authenticity and durability. 

You can find many unique vintage dresses in flea markets, to add a sense of individuality to your style. Elevate the look with the wooden Vintage 75 sunglasses by Treehut. 

Tencel Skirt

A tencel skirt can offer superior comfort in hot weather. They come in different styles, from flowy maxi skirts to tailored pencil skirts, so you can dress them up or down accordingly. Their luxurious sheen also adds a touch of sophistication to your sustainable summer outfit. 

Viscose Wrap Dress

green viscose wrap dress

Viscose or rayon is derived from natural sources like wood pulp, making it a semi-synthetic fiber with a low environmental impact. Sustainably sourced viscose ensures little harm to ecosystems, plus it reduces reliance on non-renewable sources. The fabric is breathable and has a silky texture — making viscose dresses comfortable to wear in high temperatures. Add in a layered necklace like the
Blue Ocean Amazonite Necklace to add some whimsy to your sustainable summer outfit. 

Recycled Swimwear

Fashion brands are also using regenerated nylon from ocean waste, like discarded fishing nets and industrial plastic waste, to design and produce sustainable swimwear. This practice supports marine conservation efforts, plus the production process consumes less energy and water in comparison to virgin materials. 

Usually chlorine-resistant and UV protective, recycled swimwear is designed for durability and performance. Don’t forget to accessorize with the Skyler Turquoise Marble Mesh, a great beach accessory that glistens alongside the ocean waves. 

Repurposed Sari Dress

repurposed sari dress

Saris have long been considered an embodiment of traditional beauty in South Asia. However, they have been reinterpreted in recent years to suit a more contemporary style. For instance, women sometimes wrap it around jeans instead of the usual petticoat, or prefer a crop top over a tailored blouse. Considering how there are many ways to drape a sari, the piece now has mass appeal in global fashion. You can even pair it with sneakers if you are buying one for casual wear. 

Therefore, if you are seeking an unconventional sustainable summer outfit, you can consider a repurposed sari dress. Not only will this reduce textile waste, but it will also support the artisans who create them.

Hemp Wrap Dress

A hemp wrap dress offers a flattering silhouette and comfortable fit. You can pair them with sandals for a casual look during the day, or dress it up with heels for a night out. For a complete look, stack with the sparkly Pyrite Stacking Ring Set.

Hemp Jeans

hemp jeans for sustainable summer outfit

While it is not ideal to wear anything form-fitting and thick like jeans during extreme temperatures, hemp jeans are an exception. They have a distinct texture and drape, offering a more relaxed fit. Their natural antibacterial properties also help reduce odor. In addition, they only become softer with each wash, providing long-lasting wear. 

Zero-Waste Tunic

A zero-waste tunic is another necessary addition to your summer capsule wardrobe. You can wear it with practically everything, from leggings to baggy pants, or wear it on its own with a chunky belt around your waist.

Organic Silk Dress

girl wearing white silk dress on the beach

Nothing exudes quiet luxury more than a simple silk dress. The delicate fabric looks sleek and sensual, giving the impression that you are draped in luxury. Moreover, its shine is not glaring like that of a satin top — but is still shiny enough to catch the light. With proper care, an organic silk dress can last you several years. You can also wear the delicate
Two Tiered Pink & Gold Earrings for a more polished look.

Bamboo Halter Top

With its sleeveless and often back-open design, a bamboo halter top will keep you cool and comfortable on a hot day. The feminine silhouette also accentuates the shoulders, enhancing its fashion appeal. You can layer it with accessories, plus the neutral color allows you to pair it with shorts, skirts, or pants. 

Linen Button Down Shirt

green and white linen shirts

Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than throwing on an oversized button-down shirt and heading out. Whether you choose this classic, minimal look, or cinch it at the waist with a corset top, there is no denying the appeal of a traditional linen button-down shirt. 

Organic Cotton Graphic Tee

For a more edgy style, look for vintage tees made of organic cotton. These fun and creative pieces add a personalized touch to your outfit, letting you express your individuality without being too loud or over-the-top. 

Organic Cotton Yoga Tank 

pink organic cotton yoga tank

Organic cotton yoga tank tops allow unrestricted movement and flexibility, thus enhancing your comfort and performance during workouts or outdoor activities. They also provide optimal moisture absorption and ventilation. Due to the variety of designs and colors available, you can wear them on their own, or layer them to transition from yoga sessions to everyday wear. 

Recycled Nylon Windbreaker

For protection against wind and light summer rain, you can put on a recycled nylon windbreaker over any other sustainable summer outfit. There are also options with technical designs, combining functionality with modern aesthetics. 

Upcycled Denim Shorts

upcycled denim

Upcycled denim shorts often have extra embellishments, reflecting creativity and individuality. For a classic and sustainable summer outfit, pair them with a cotton tee and sneakers. You can also match it with the blue
Celestial Love Bracelet

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