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Engraving Inspiration: We Have All the Time in the World

Engraving Inspiration: We Have All the Time in the World

Wedding ride

“We have all the time in the world to conquer it.”

Here at Treehut, we always appreciate a quote that references time in a punny way. Some are romantic yet cheesy (“mine until the end of time”), some are clever (“my partner-in-time”), and some are just too sweet (“time flies, but you’re the pilot”). However, this particular engraving caught my eye. What does conquer it mean? Curious, I approached the mastermind behind this piece, Miss Sydney Morriss.

Engraved & Personalized Wood Watch with Black Leather Band

He would have everything wood if he could... that's a good tongue twister!

The story began in February, when Sydney scrolled through her Instagram feed in search of a Valentine’s Day gift for her husband, Matthew. The two were then in their fourth month of marriage (they tied the knot on November 6, 2015), so Sydney was intent on finding the perfect gift. The ideal gift needed to be something personalized, endearing, and, preferably, wooden -- Matthew’s absolute favorite natural material is wood and he would have everything made of wood if possible. Sydney discovered a Treehut ad via Instagram and thought an engraved watch was the most romantic gift. She was sold!

Upon asking how long Sydney and Matthew had been together, I was surprised to hear that they didn’t start dating until January 2015! Yet, the pair had known each other for so long already -- they first met when they were on the worship team together when Sydney was in sixth grade and Matthew in ninth. They truly became friends in September 2014. Yet, Sydney is confident that the two married at the fated time. They both prayed about it a lot and felt that God was encouraging them to marry. They knew they loved each other deeply. 

Sydney chWooden Watch Wedding Gift For Menose the engraving for her watch, "We Have All the Time in the World to Conquer It," from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t google any quotes or steal any song lyrics. She reflected that the idea honestly came to her as she was ordering the watch; she felt it was fit for a budding marriage. When the wooden watch arrived in the mail, Sydney couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to give it to her husband...she was brimming with excitement! So, Sydney presented Matthew his memento a week early. She admitted that her husband is a bit (a lot) of a sap, so he teared up upon receiving his beloved gift. Hilariously, Sydney asked him return the watch to her, so she could rewrap it and present it again on Valentine’s Day. He has worn it everyday since then.

Now, Sydney and Matthew are from Arkansas. Aside from being curious about Sydney’s chosen engraving, I was also interested in learning a bit more about their home state. Sydney first confirmed my suspicion that everyone says “y’all” there. Weather-wise, Arkansas can be very humid in the summer, but most of the time, it’s quite wonderful and temperate. Engaging in outdoor activities is essential to the Arkansas lifestyle, whether it be canoeing, fishing, or hiking. The landscape is littered with trees and small lakes here and there. In the winter, it rarely snows, but the sky does occasionally shoot “ice pellets” (for readers from California, ice pellets are a softer type of hail). Sydney happily mentioned that “the world shuts down when it’s icy”, so she doesn’t have to attend classes. When the two have much-needed free time, they have lunch dates with each other and then head off to church in the evening. Matthew drums for the worship team and Sydney serves babies in the Little Life nursery.  

Sydney and Matthew have Mens bamboo watches, Valentine's Day and Anniversary Giftnever been to San Francisco -- they did visit LA and surrounding areas for their honeymoon. They can’t wait to visit the city,  though, and be the typical touristy couple. However, their number one destination is Estes Park in Colorado. Both love the outdoors (hey, Treehut loves adventure too!) and want to travel the world. Estes Park is particularly special to Matthew because it was his Aunt Laney’s favorite place to relax. She planned to take him there, but she became very sick and passed away before she could. So, they plan to drive there one day soon and honor her memory.

Thanks for telling us the story behind your engraving, Sydney. Treehut wishes you and Matthew the very best! We hope you love your watch!

For more love stories behind the engraved message, check out our other engraving spotlights. For wedding inspiration and tips, check out the wedding section of our blog.

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