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Blog > Spring Break & Save: Tips & Tricks | A Wooden Watch for New Adventure

Spring Break & Save: Tips & Tricks | A Wooden Watch for New Adventure


Pack your bags! 

Spring break is officially among us. Whether you plan on going far or staying near, here are a few helpful tips to maximize your spring break experience at an effective coast.


Planning to travel far?


-Search and book your flight on Tuesday mornings. Tuesday is early in the week when no one is planning or even has time to plan a trip. Avoid looking up lights on weekends, that is when flights are the most expensive. You’d be surprised how much you can save if you wait until Tuesday.

-If possible, fly into larger airports, they usually have less expensive flights since their air traffic is quite large. If there isn’t a major airport at your destination, try flying to the nearest one and book a second flight to your destination.

-Spring break is usually a week or so, take into consideration travel time and how much time you will actually have to enjoy your destination. Probably wouldn’t recommend a 20+ hour flight to Bali. Although we love Bali...

-Don’t be afraid to stay in hostels. They make for a great way to meet new people, a definite choice if traveling alone. Airbnb’s are great, but how much time are you actually staying indoors when you’re on vacation?  

-Find a place to stay 1. near the airport 2. near the main event/ in the major city you are staying in. Although prices may vary and could be more expensive, this will save you $$$ on transportation and time.



Planning to travel near?


-Try planning a span of smaller trips close by. Go to the beach, have a picnic, visit a water park/ amusement park, and go on a hike. Plan accordingly with your friends for some new memories.

-Plan a trip to a city nearby for a few days. Maybe a 3-6 hour drive away? Taking a grey-hound can save you some major $$$. If you plan on driving take a few of your buddies to save on gas. CARPOOL is the keyword here.

-You can never go wrong with a Staycation. Sometimes staying home is much more needed than more time away. Hibernating for a few days, resting, and catching up on things that needed to be done yesterday can be far more revealing than planning another trip.



Wherever you go, take it all in, don't be afraid to try new things, and most of all RELAX! 



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