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Blog > 8 Father's Day Engraving Ideas | Best Engraved Gift For Dad

8 Father's Day Engraving Ideas | Best Engraved Gift For Dad

Spring will soon be morphing into summer, and with that will come Father’s Day in June (the 17th, you’re welcome!). Love your dad deeply but dreading the prospect of shopping for the right gift? Granted, fathers come in many forms and have mysterious tastes in things. It can be incredibly difficult to land on something that is all at once beautiful, meaningful, and useful.

That’s where we come in with a wide selection high-quality, handcrafted wooden watches you can personalize: a natural twist on a classic gift.

Clearly, it’s a winner. But what will you say? We’ve got some watch engraving inspo for you here:



1.          “Dad, thank you for the treasure trove of memories.”

He’s done everything he could to create beautiful, memorable experiences for you to remember and relish. These clusters of memory continue to color your world and has been your foundation for everything else. They serve as sweet sources of inspiration as you go forward and build onto beloved family traditions.



2.          “Everything I am you helped me to be.”

He helped you with your homework, taught you how to ride a bike, read you bedtime stories, and taught you how to stand up for yourself. He helped give you the tools and wisdom to navigate the world. Give your proud father a daily reminder that all of your successes are, by extension, his too.



3.          “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Okay, so you’re biased, but for you this rings true: your dad deserves to have his photo mounted in a hall of fame somewhere. It’s what you think of him that’s more important to him. Think what an upgrade this engraved watch would be from that giant mug and sweatshirt you got him in years past.



4.          “Dad, thanks for always having my back.”

Your dad might not always agree with your life choices, but he’s always the first to defend you against the world. He’s on your side even when you were wrong, and that gesture of loyalty has always meant everything. Let him know you recognize what a privilege it is to have an advocate like him in your life.



5.          “No other dad like you in the world.”

This is your way of telling him how proud you are of his uniqueness. Not only is he the greatest dad, he’s truly one-of-a-kind. No one else you’ve met out there carries his special brand of dad jokes or way of looking at the world--and you wouldn’t want it any other way. The world is wonderfully weirder and better because he’s in it and because he’s your father.



6.          “I only ever wanted to be half like you.”

Forget celebrities and public figures; your role model has always been none other than your old man. He’s not only been a supportive parent, but is an exceptional person in his own right. Wouldn't it come as a sweet surprise for him to realize just what an inspiration he is?



7.          “You are my hero.”

As you know well, not all heroes wear capes. Being a parent can be difficult, and a true star is someone who has managed to balance his fatherly duties with the other demands of life and work in order to keep his family afloat.



8.          “Dad looks so good on you.”

If you know a new dad, reassure them that they’re doing a great job as they are growing into their role. Let your partner know that you’re proud to be their parenting co-pilot and that there’s no one else you’d rather do this with.



We hope this little list of dad dedications has helped stir your creative pot. There are so many possibilities; we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface. Got a super sweet Father’s Day engraving message you’re itching to share? If you didn’t already know, we’re all about it.


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