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Blog > Song for Someone: 6 Romantic & Engraveable U2 Song Quotes

Song for Someone: 6 Romantic & Engraveable U2 Song Quotes

Song For Someone: 6 Engraveable and Romantic U2 Song Lyrics

Whether their song is dark, cheerful, upbeat, or soulfully melodic, U2 always pours their hearts, souls, emotions, fears, and passions into each and every performance. Technique and style may be the benchmark for quality music, but we can all agree that U2's music is so magical because its written from the heart. No other band influenced them. Their music is truly original. 

It's U2's ever-changing and indescribable musical quality that made them famous in the first place. Even more than thirty years since its first concert, U2 is still just as loved as ever. The group will be headlining the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Vegas this year. The festival will be held September 23-24 and will feature other prominent artists, such as Sia, twentyonepilots, Billy Idol, Drake, Brittany Spears, and Zedd. 

In celebration of the upcoming festival, we've compiled 6 of the most romantic U2 song lyrics (to engrave on a wood watch, perhaps?) for your classic rock adoring special someone:

1. "And you're the one, there's no one else,
It makes me want to lose myself"

Love finds you, even if you stop looking for it.

2. "Like sweet soul music, 
Like sunlight,
I need your love"

I need your love, I need your love. 


"I try to speak up,
but only in you I am complete"

From Gloria. 

4. "Took a drive in the dirty rain,
to a place where the wind calls your name, under the trees,
the river laughing at you and me"

While Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses may be about unrequited love, the lyrics are still hauntingly beautiful.

5. "Let's see colours that have never been seen,
Let's go to places no one else has been"

Electrical Storm tells the story of how when you're in love, every day with your partner is an adventure. Everything is better. 


6. "Through the storm we reach the shore,
You give it all but I want more,
And I'm waiting for you"

 With you or without you, I'll always love you. I can't live without you. 

Only true U2 fans will know the beauty and charm of a watch with U2 song engraving on it.  So, if you are a fan of U2 like us then why not engrave them on a watch for yourself, or as a gift to someone special? Check out our collection of engravable U2 quotes and get your Treehut watch today!

What's your favorite U2 romantic lyric? Comment below!

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