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Blog > Selecting A Treehut Wood and Marble Watch

Selecting A Treehut Wood and Marble Watch

More Than Meets The Eye.

How to choose a Treehut watch.



If you’re looking for a wooden watch, you’ve come to the right place! We know our growing assortment of watches can be a bit tricky and even a little overwhelming to navigate. 

Treehut aspires to create a watch for everyone in your life. This is why we offer an assortment of collections, styles, materials, and movements. We're here to help you decide on the perfect watch for anyone, even yourself.


The Who

The very first thing you have to consider is “who” you are shopping for. Significant other? Father? Yourself? Whoever it may be, it’s often best to refer to their daily style and where they spend their time. Are they a casual t-shirt and jeans person, do they work in an office setting? Are they into trends? 

Answering these questions narrows down your focus a bit more. For example, when buying for a t-shirt-and-jeans person, consider an all-wood watch. It has a rustic look and lightweight feel.  They're also super-comfortable and ideal for everyday wear.


Shop Everyday Casual Watches For Him
Shop Everyday Casual Watches For Her


If they are more business-casual, we recommend watches with stainless steel and marble. This elevates the natural materials to be more refined and professional. Perfect for those that want to wear a wooden watch to the office.

Shop Business Casual Watches For Him
Shop Business Casual Watches For Her 


Then we have the fashion-forward ones. Usually, those who like to stand out and express themselves with their wardrobe. The colorful, pattern-loving individuals always seem "together". They are always on top of the latest trends. These icons of style appreciate eye-catching materials. We recommend zebrawood, blue marble, and tiger eye stone.

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Each Treehut watch is unique. Know that the person receiving it and wearing it will appreciate your thoughtfulness. The time and effort that you took to make their day a little brighter with a unique wooden watch will be worth it. It lets them know that you chose the watch for them because they mean the world to you.



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