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Blog > Romantic Wedding Proposals

Romantic Wedding Proposals

Romantic Wedding Proposals

Everyone loves a good wedding proposal story. Proposals that took effort, planning, and thought are especially romantic. Each of the below are real life stories taken from Reddit and Youtube. 

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For real not acting Proposal 

Brenswen from Reddit wrote about his parents' engagement. "My parents love to act and they were playing opposite each other in a play at a local theater after they had dated for a while. My Dad's character in the show falls in love with my Mom's character and proposes during the show. During one performance, my Dad switched out the prop ring for a real one and proposed on stage during the show. No one knew he was really proposing except for them, even though they were in front of 300 people."


Croatian Fortess 

After graduating from university (and working the whole time in school bruinbabe, a reddit user, needed a vacation. Her boyfriend's family had come from Split a town in Croatia, he had never visited, and she had studied Croatian in school so, "it was an obvious choice for a trip."

One day during the vacation, the couple took a day trip to Dubrovnik, "one of the most romantic cities in the world... It was also the day before my birthday."

Bruinbabe explains, "He has always given me a handmade card for holidays, a tradition going back to when we were both incredibly broke. He took me to a secluded enclave of the wall overlooking the harbor/port portion and pulled out a card. I was really thinking it contained coupons for a massage at our hotel or something, they would be valid on my birthday- explaining the early present."

She thought the card was extremely sweet. Then I get to the last line.

He wrote, "Nothing would make me happier than the answer to this next question...". When she looked up, he was on one knee with a black box. He opened it and asked, in Croatian, if she'd be his wife. 

Tldr: "on a fortress that's damn near a thousand years old overlooking the Adriatic Sea"

Groomsmen discounts for the newly engaged!  

Dolphin Proposal 

This next guy takes the cake for effort, thoughtfulness, and planning. He planned a secret vacation for his then girlfriend an gave her multiple clues as to where they would go. Once there he had an array of activities planned, ending with swimming with the dolphins. 


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Selfie Proposal 

This next guy, first chronicled by the Daily Mail, spent 5 months accumulating photos and the courage to propose to his pregnant girlfriend and she had no idea. 

Have an awesome engagement story of your own? Drop the details in the comments below for a chance to be featured in upcoming blog posts. 

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