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Blog > Holiday Gift Wrapping DIY

Holiday Gift Wrapping DIY

holiday wrapping DIY with treehut co a handmade wooden watch company in san francisco california

Wrapping up a nice little package is one of my favorite parts about giving a gift. It’s the first impression and it makes the surprise inside that much better. If you hand wrap your Holiday gifts this year- get creative! There is so many different ways to make a package look extra special.

We created a cute little holiday stop motion here at Treehut, check out how one of the teammates chose to wrap their Treehut watch! :) 


Materials Needed for Wrapping DIY:

News print paper, Ribbon, Tape, Scissors, and a fresh pick from your garden!

End Result:

Sometimes, buying wrapping paper in the store can get pretty expensive as well. If thats your thing- go for it by all means, but think about reusing materials in your home…Like newspaper or newsprint paper. You can paint on the surface after boxing your present and tie a bow around it with some leftover string from your craft closet… Or pick a nice rosemary stem from your garden and garnish the top of your box to give it a fresh, earthy vibe. The options are endless!

While your gift will be full of extra love, you can also save our planet from an excessive amount of wasted paper during the holidays. This is a definite plus for all of us nature seekers and DIY geeks. 

Treehut Co Handmade Wooden Watches from San Francisco Ca
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