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Blog > Happy Anniversary: Treehut Celebrates 4 Years | Creating Memories From Wooden Watches

Happy Anniversary: Treehut Celebrates 4 Years | Creating Memories From Wooden Watches

This summer marks TreeHut’s 4-year anniversary and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the romantics and watch lovers like you in our community. Our journey has been a rollercoaster ride so far, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. What began as our founders’ passion project has blossomed over the past few years, reaching hearts worldwide and reaching back into ours. We’re truly inspired by the all the stories you’ve shared and we are touched by the continued chance to play a part in some of your biggest moments.

And as you may know, we’re all about capturing that magical moment and all those warm fuzzy feelings. How did we get here? Put simply, it all began with one connection that gave way to more.


From a humble start sparked by love

When we think of Treehut’s roots, we are reminded that love is an action and a leap of faith. Coming from stressful corporate jobs that demanded 80-hour weeks, our founders Julia and Joh knew they wanted to find more time to be present for each other and their family.

It was while spending some time in Bali when the idea started to take shape. There they were introduced in person to a long tradition of woodworking. Growing up, Julia always had a love for handcrafting, but seeing it at work in a tight-knit community that embraced a natural lifestyle was something else. 

It was there that they got a glimpse into the simple kind of life they’ve always wanted: family and friends living and working together in harmony.

Those images stayed with them. Julia and Joh returned home with a carefully calculated plan and the first steps were set in motion. The rest is Treehut history.


Labor of Love

Treehut first found its footing in a modest basement workshop out of Julia and Joh’s home in San Francisco's Excelsior District. With a domain name bought on a coupon for $9.99, they were off!


In these early days, Julia did all the engravings and dial-cutting herself using a Techshop laser machine. This meant waking up at 5am just to claim a station and work when no one else was there, since Techshop only allowed a weekly 4-hour window. 

A typical day ended with both Julia and Joh making their rounds biking back and forth to the post office to drop off shipments. Over time, Ed, their local post office guy, graciously started coming by to help pick them up. 

It's exactly those simple human gestures and connections that make us appreciate how Treehut came to be: one connection sparking another. Then another. And another. 



Home is where the heart is

As you can see, we’ve moved around a few times, outgrowing our spaces as production swelled and new team members hopped on board. 

We feel lucky to report that early this year, we've begun nesting our dream home--a former carpet-cleaning space in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood with large windows, a fully-built out production space, a conference room, and corners for our marketing and customer service departments. 

This is the home from where we make, pack, and ship out our products. We’re thankful to be here every day, connecting with you but also connecting you with your loved ones.


Thank you to everyone for making it possible! We continue to be fueled by the love of our supporters and all the personal love stories we've been lucky to know. 

To celebrate with a big thank you, we are offering 20% off sitewide for a limited time with the code ANNIVERSARY.

We’ve got many surprises on the horizon and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Come say hello. Follow us on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Youtube to be alerted about new releases. Yes, you read that right!



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