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Blog > Do's and Don'ts to any Christmas Party

Do's and Don'ts to any Christmas Party

Do's and Don'ts To any Christmas Party

Here we go again. At the front door of Jolly and Merry's party with family, friends, co-workers, the boss, and strangers. Maybe you had a little too much eggnog at last year's company Christmas party. Perhaps there is footage from your buddy's gathering explaining why you're on Santa's naughty list. In fact, you're probably on the edge of declining all parties until the end of December due to shame. Never fear Treehut's here! We have put together some Do's and Don'ts to any party this Holiday Season. Stick to our guidelines and you won't have to black out any memories this time.


Your host has generously put together some hors d'oeuvres and huge food platters. Feel free to grab a plate and fill that bad boy up, but never take more than what your plate can hold. It's bad etiquette. This is not your opportunity to store food for winter. If your host invites you to take food home the same rules apply. You want to leave some food for the other guests to take home as well (even if you do not want to).


It can be uncomfortable arriving at an event not knowing anyone. Take a deep breath and just get your social self in there. Introduce yourself and chime in with some silly banter or questions. Some easy topics to touch on are how everyone knows one another, the weather, or the latest tech news. Steer clear of religion, politics or anything controversial as not to ignite a heated debate dampening the rest of the night. It is much more fun when everyone is laughing and smiling. 


We want you to be comfortable and sociable at any festivity. Please note that there is such a thing as being too relaxed. Do not prop your feet on the dining table just because it soothes your hip. You are not allowed to toss around valuables and irreplaceable items that are not yours even if you "got this". It does not matter if you are at a family function your host worked really hard to make this party a hit. Your host deserves everything to go seamlessly.



This party is exactly what you need as the year comes to a close. What better way to cheers for a job well done in life and work then a drink? Just remember to regulate how much you drink before becoming an intolerable and embarrassing drunk. I highly doubt your co-workers or family members want to know what they have been doing wrong all year. 


Compliments are always nice to hear but not excessively. You can thank your boss for throwing a lovely party but don't go overboard with the compliments. We get that you are appreciative but don't go as far as sounding needy for approval. Try a more subtle approach by buying the big boss a Treehut Stainless Steel Ebony Theo wood watch. The engraving on the back can include the company's name.

Whoever your host is be sure to thank them for putting a wonderful party together. Give him or her a Treehut watch with a sweet engraving on the back (click here). Share with us your Christmas stories or photos on our blog pageInstagram, and Facebook. Happy Holidays!

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