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Blog > Cultural Spotlight on Peru With Watches

Cultural Spotlight on Peru With Watches

Cultural Spotlight On Peru

Peruvian time moves at its own pace. The people there are hard workers who wake up with the sun and follow it to bed. That said, the nightlife is quite energetic, so get ready for some dancing. Much like its nightlife, Lima is a nonstop hustle and bustle with car horns honking all through the night. There are signs posted to discourage drivers from using their horns yet drivers treat it as a recommendation rather than law. Be sure to bring earplugs if you like sleeping.  


Outside of the city, there is a large population of people that still live off the land as Peru’s economy is based on tourism. The people that live on the outskirts of the cities especially like to interact with foreigners because they don’t see as many. They live a simple but hard existence. 


In every region, people wear different style and shapes of hats as you will start to notice if you travel into the sacred valley outside of Cusco. Also, the many unique patterns that are woven in different regions using natural dyes from plants and minerals are indicative of each region's style and culture. Interestingly, not everyone speaks Spanish as Quechua is the traditional language of the more rural areas.  Patterns

Perhaps, my favorite of Peru’s culture is the many alpacas roaming the countryside. In fact, Peru has the world’s largest population of alpacas. They’re usually calm and friendly but be careful they might spit on you if you get too annoying! I may be speaking from experience.

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