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Blog > 12 Romantic Engravings You Need for the Pokémon Addict in Your Life

12 Romantic Engravings You Need for the Pokémon Addict in Your Life

If you've been outside lately, you probably feel that Pokemon Go is taking over the world (last week, Tree Hut accidentally shipped out Pokemon instead of watches during the craze!)... even if you don't quite know what Pokemon Go is. Well, it's a free iOS/Android app that uses GPS to help you catch Pokemon in real time. It's called an "augmented reality" game because it combines virtual reality with the real world.  

A lot of us at Tree Hut love playing Pokemon Go in our free time; our photographer even has his own fansite. Soo, feeling a little romantic and very nerdy, we compiled these 12 adorable Pokemon engravings to share with the addict in your life. :) Enjoy!


1. I choose you.

"I choose you" Tree Hut wood watch leather band engraving with Pokemon quote

2. You're the rarest type.

3. I love mew.

Pokemon Mew Psychic Type


4. You really jiggle my puffs.

5. You're the Pikachu to my Ash. 

6. Let me take you on a magikarpet ride.

Pokemon Magikarp Aladdin and Jasmine on a Magikarpet Ride

7. You're the very best, like no one ever was.

8. You're my perfect catch.

9. I think you're oddish, but I don't care.

Oddish Grass Poison Pokemon

10. You're legendary.

11. It's dangerous to go alone.

12. Finally caught them all.

"Finally caught them all." Tree Hut engraved personalized leather band wood watch wood watch leather band with Pokemon quote


Have any cool Pokemon engraving ideas? Share below!

If you're not ready to commit to engraving Pokemon your watch, check out 36 Engraveable Gilmore Girls Quotes and 77 Short and Sweet Love Quotes.


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