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June 15, 2024
6 TV Dads You Love | Best Fathers Day Gift | Engraved Watches

Don’t we all love a good TV dad? Biological or circumstantial, the best of them strike a chord because they show us something uncannily similar to the dads and father...

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What’s Your Dad’s Watch Type? | Best Engraved Wooden Watch For Dad

Why get Dad a watch, you might ask? There are so many reasons why it remains a timeless (ha!) gift. Wouldn't you agree it’s the kind of effortless accessory that...

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Top Five Instagram Post from Fall 2017

We had a fantastic year thanks to all of you. is getting a new building, we launched our epic wood + marble watches, and we continue to help people create memories...

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Treehut Travels to Paris

Here at, we are all about love and adventure! It’s summertime, and that calls for a chance to take on a whole new experience by traveling! This summer, Treehut...

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How to: Solo Travel as a Woman #2

  During my three-month solo exploration, I was able to see the world like I never had before! I adventured to anywhere and everywhere that would have me. Oh, how I...

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10 Jokes for Dad on Father's Day

Are you that person who has the entire family about to wet their pants around the dinner table?  It’s ok, neither are we. So here are ten cringe-worthy jokes and...

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Top Five Places to Take Dad

It looks like that time of the year is coming up. It's Father’s Day! Now I know we should appreciate and honor our dads every day of the year, but...

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Father's Day Traditions Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Father's Day, despite its uniquely American origins, knows no cultural bounds. Since its first public celebration at a Spokane YWCA in 1910, the holiday has brought joy and love to Dads all...

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Father's Day Google Doodles Over the Years

Happy Father's Day, Treehutters! What better way to celebrate than spending the day on the Internet?  In celebration of Dad, we've compiled all the Father's Day Google doodles (worldwide) published in...

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Celebrities who became Dads in 2016

The year is not even halfway over and plenty of famous couples have welcomed babies into their growing family. Congrats to these six guys, who became dads for the first...

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Pawsome Gifts from Dog to Dad

Happy Father's Day to all the Dog Dads out there! This day is for you too. From dealing with bedwetting accidents to waking up in the middle of the night to...

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50 Bad Dad Jokes That'll Make You Cringe

Dad jokes are a rite of passage for every man who is lucky enough to call himself a father. Equal parts clever and groan-worthy, the dad joke is recognizable by...

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Dad Hairdos and Mustaches throughout the Decades

From a slicked back do to the man bun, trendy, dad hair has evolved unexpectedly from the 1900s to 2010s. Even when a hairdo persisted over the decades, dads' facial hair still...

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11 Tasty Recipes for a Father's Day Cookout

Dad's the top dog in the house, so host a Father's Day cookout to remind him of his Fatherly duties as "Grill Master." These 11 delicious recipes aren't just plain old hamburgers and...

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A Super Sweet Father's Day Playlist for Dad

We all need a soundtrack for our life, so maybe we can at least have one for Father's Day.

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