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Adiós Peru

Adiós Peru

Adios Peru

There were many wonderful tales from fellow travelers of lands further south in Patagonia, miles of breaking waves, and sun-soaked ruins that have seen cultures and societies throughout time. To truly appreciate the different cultures and societies in a different country the goal should be to break away from our connected existence. What I found was to break away and truly alter my daily, back home routine, takes time. And that's what I ran out of. Well, that and money.


The sophisticated cultured and wild landscapes helped me to forget my job, my home, my capitalistic existence back in California. The frozen Andes and the dense jungles is something we all need to experience. It will alleviate all heavy thoughts because of the sites and sounds and even smells you experience will leave you breathless.  

I’ll never forget adjusting to the altitude of the Andes and the food that kept me in the bathroom for the entire second day, none of which ever deterred me from enjoying myself. What will never leave me is the opposing pace of life compared to San Francisco, CA where everyone is so connected via technology. Here in Peru everyone is much more connected with one another. You can see the difference through their conversations and interactions with one another.


The end of a trip always brings a bittersweet feeling. Reflecting on my amazing trip, I was grateful for every single second. Yet I remember the feeling of panic that washed over me when I realized I had less than a week to explore the vast Andes that tower out of Huaraz. By the end of the trip, it wasn't enough, it never is. I only crave more time for more adventures.

Thank you for following along our amazing journey! Stay tuned for the next Tree Hut adventure, but until then check out Treehut's InstagramFacebook, and our website today!

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