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Your Next Adventure in California – Home of Treehut Watches

Your Next Adventure in California – Home of Treehut Watches

Perfect Wooden Watch for Travel

5 Must-See Stops For Your Next Adventure!

Fun and interesting places in California 


With Spring’s arrival, you’ve probably been itching to get outside and start adventuring. But as we know, this Spring came a little differently… and you’ve gotta be locked indoors a while longer. If it feels like The Great Outdoors is calling you—we get it. We feel the same way. Because once this thing is over, the world better watch out—we plan to see it all! 


1. Winchester Mystery House

From 1886 to 1922, construction never stopped on Sarah Winchester’s mansion. What began as an eight-room farm house eventually grew into the most sprawling (and bizarre) mansion the world has ever seen. Secret balconies, jewel-like wallpaper, doors that open to brick walls… the mysteries surrounding this strange house are endless!


2. Bigfoot Discovery Museum

A hidden jewel in the Santa Cruz mountains, this curious little spot is loaded with info on everyone’s favorite mythical creature—Bigfoot! While the memorabilia probably isn’t enough for a full day’s stop, ask the owner Mike to give you the inside scoop on all the important Bigfoot sightings. This man knows his Bigfoot.


3. Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon

The “diviest dive bar” ever, Heinold’s was built from the remains of an old whaling ship, and is about as authentic as they come. This bar even comes complete with its original gaslighting and old dollars tacked to the wall from sailors who thought they’d return… but never did.


Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

4. Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

Home of stunning monarchs, endless bird life, vivid wildflowers, rock star geology, and wow-worthy whales—you can’t go wrong with a stop here. There is truly something for everyone. (Also, it features one of the largest butterfly exhibits in North America!)


5. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz

Some say it’s a buried spaceship, a magma vortex, or a hole in the ozone… But whatever it is, this spot has been perplexing hundreds of thousands of visitors since 1940. Just outside of Santa Cruz, this spot will have you questioning your perceptions of gravity, height, and dimension—and it’s totally worth a stop.


There's Always Something For Everyone

California native or California newbie, these attractions will give you a whole new appreciation for the Golden State.
Once quarantine is over, you can bet we’ll be hitting the highway and making our rounds. 


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