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Why Should You Adopt Sustainable Gifting in 2023?

Why Should You Adopt Sustainable Gifting in 2023?

Gifting is an act of love. It is genuinely selfless. But gift giving can go beyond being selfless and translate into something uniquely responsible towards our environment. Sustainable gifting is a gift to the environment considering the impact of the corporate sector on the environment. 

Choosing to buy from brands that are invested in the sustainable production of goods and services is a choice that can reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention, sustainable gifts are pretty cool and long-lasting. 

Before diving into some of the best sustainable gifting options here at Treehut, we want to dive a little deeper into why sustainable and personalized gifts are the perfect choice for your loved ones: 

Why Should You Choose Sustainable Gifting for Your Loved Ones? 

There is nothing quite as unique as a gift with some thought behind it. Go the extra mile and even sustainably wrap your gift. Here are some fantastic benefits of choosing sustainable gifting this year: 

Spend Your Money Where it Matters

The gifting industry has one of the world's highest greenhouse gas emission numbers. Each year, the bulk of gifts given end up becoming waste for the planet, including the wrapping material. You can do your part and invest in sustainable gifts that later degrade as part of the environment. 

Reduce Your Carbon and Plastic Footprint 

There is no doubt that plastic products have a tremendous environmental impact. From our food sources to water sources, plastic has polluted everything. When choosing sustainable gifts, you choose to reduce your use of plastic and harmful materials. 

Choose From a Good Variety

Believe it or not, sustainable gifting has been around for quite a while now. There are some pretty cool options you can choose from. From kids to adults, there is so much you can do in this domain. 

Let’s take a look at some of our sustainable gifting options here at Treehut: 

4 Sustainable Gifting Options at Treehut

At Treehut, we are exceptionally inspired by nature. We are invested in protecting it at any cost. Each product we create is made using sustainable best practices and materials. We aim to provide personalized gifts made from easily degradable materials and unique and innovative designs that make these items anyone’s prized possessions. 

       1. Handmade Wooden Watches 

Treehut’s wooden watches are a gorgeous blend of all-natural materials such as wood, stones, and marble. Each variety, whether our fully automatic watches or the classic analog ones, is made using sustainable materials.

Sustainable Gifting Handmade Wooden Watches

When you gift a Treehut watch to your loved one, you give them a little piece of nature. Beautiful and thoughtful designs are the cherry on top because we understand that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring. 

      2. Wooden Sunglasses 

We’re bringing gorgeous back with wooden sunglasses that come in a diverse range of colors and designs. We firmly believe that accessories express one’s personality, and each of our designs speaks for itself.

Sustainable Gifting wooden sunglasses

Paired with details such as metal accents and usage of all kinds of wood, these glasses are strong, stylish, and sturdy for everyday and special occasion wear. 

       3. Sustainable Jewelry 

Jewelry made from natural elements such as stones and crystals is exceptional. Why? Because it just doesn’t look beautiful, it feels the same. Each natural material has an impact on your spirit and your chakra.

Sustainable gifts jewelry

Natural stones and crystals have the unique ability to uplift your mood and heal you from within. Treehut takes these natural materials and creates jewelry pieces that are unique and refreshing to wear. Every single piece is unique and reflects the goodness of nature. 

      4. Customized Gift Boxes 

Want to give something extra special? We also have a customized gift box option. You can choose a watch and sunglasses and wrap them up in our special wooden gift box. 

Sustainable gift boxes

Wrapping It Up 

2023 is the year to change how you choose your gifts. Be thoughtful and kind to your environment and choose to buy from brands like Treehut, who put that extra care and love behind their products! Happy Sustainable Gifting!

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