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Why People Choose Treehut Wooden Watches

Why People Choose Treehut Wooden Watches

This Is Why We Do What We Do

Real Reviews From Real Treehut Customers. 


Here at Treehut we aim to deliver the best products and the best customer service. Without the love, support, and encouragement from you, we wouldn’t have the passion and the willpower to do so. We cannot emphasize enough how important you are to us, as customers, a community, and friends. 

Look at what real people are saying about Treehut!

“We are not the type of people to wear wedding bands so we made it a thing to wear watches. Celebrating 6 years together today and giving each other these watches. We run a furniture business in South Texas. We make custom-built rustic furniture. We appreciate craftsmanship and quality work when it comes to wood. That is why we love Treehut. We picked "Time is love" because time IS love. It's the perfect phrase for this perfect gift.”

               - Stephanie G.

When I first saw this watch I loved it because it is a beautiful watch and it's simple in design. The quality of construction makes it functional and flexible. I feel comfortable dressing up or down. I have tiny wrists and this fits perfectly. They place plenty of holes in the leather watchband. The leather is comfortable too. I enjoy it so much I would like to expand my watch collection. Highly recommend! 

               - Samantha Z.


“I too am a woodworker and truly can appreciate and enjoy a fine, wooden product. My son-in-law tagged me on your page and I knew I just had to have one of your watches. This was a Christmas present to myself. I can't wait to wear it to the art shows I participate in the Puget Sound area. I really appreciate the quality, wearability, and beauty of this timepiece.

               - Dan N.


Absolutely stunning at first glance the way the blue marble pops behind the darkness of the ebony is fantastic, it’s bright and a lot of people ask me what it is, where I got it, and where they can get one, the engraving you can get is just a huge plus as well spectacular for gifts, and sizing the watch is very very simple and easy with the tutorial videos from Treehuts YouTube channel hope this helps you figure if you want to buy this beautiful watch.

               - Elise M.


“My boyfriend loves his watch! I also want to thank Treehut for their excellent customer service! The first time I ordered this watch it got lost in the mail and with no hassle they re-shipped it and I was able to give it to him for Christmas!”

               - Shelby C. 

“My husband has owned and operated a hardwood flooring company for over 20 years so he appreciates quality craftsmanship and things that are made from wood. That being said, my son and I were looking for a special gift for him for Christmas. We saw these watches on social media and after reading all the positive reviews from Treehut's website we knew we had found the perfect gift. He absolutely loves it and the engraving gave it a more personal touch. Treehut provided extremely fast shipping, quality craftsmanship, and excellent customer service! We are hooked!”

               - Stephanie E.


I’ve bought a few of these watches for my dad (this is the first one of this particular style) and he LOVES them! He tells me all the time how he gets compliments on it and how lightweight it is, making it more comfortable than his metal watches. These have become favorites of his and he wears them every day!

               - Amanda N.


Gave it to my husband as a retirement gift. Bought it based on the pics but is beyond what we expected!!! My husband has a collection of watches but this one is the crown jewel. It will definitely be an heirloom piece. Outstanding packaging...and displayed the watch so well. The whole experience from ordering to tracking to delivery was exceptional!!! Thanks, Julia...will definitely be sharing our experience with Treehut with our family & friends.

               - Karen D.


“I got my hubby an engraved watch for a wedding gift. I knew he wanted one, but would never buy one for himself and he always does so much for me! I had our wedding date, names and 'Our adventure begins' engraved on the back because he is my adventure buddy. He loved it and I'm so happy to have found the perfect gift that was so personal and special. Thank you!”

               - Liz M.


Thank you all for all the feedback over the past years. It has helped us grow into the brand and company we are today. Because of you, we are Treehut.



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