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What’s Your Dad’s Watch Type? | Best Engraved Wooden Watch For Dad

What’s Your Dad’s Watch Type? | Best Engraved Wooden Watch For Dad

Why get Dad a watch, you might ask? There are so many reasons why it remains a timeless (ha!) gift. Wouldn't you agree it’s the kind of effortless accessory that can make any outfit? We’ve taken this tradition to the next-next level with lightweight, time-tested wooden watches you can personalize with a sweet message or memory (and what dad wouldn’t want that?). The first step is to decide which watch best matches your unique dad. We’ve got a starter list here for your reference:



  1. The Outdoorsman Dad: Wooden Watch // Chocolate Walnut Boyd


Mountains, forests, rivers, and oceans. If your dad’s day job doesn’t already involve one of these scenes as a backdrop, he is a regular nature fixture in his downtime. An adept fisherman, hiker, bicyclist, or plain veteran boy scout, your dad is happiest when he's in the middle of the woods or gazing up at a canopy of stars. 



  1. The Executive Dad: Black Stainless Steel Wood Watch // Black Arthur


He’s got an extra-firm handshake, the million-dollar smile, and that famous politician's speech pattern that holds captive audiences in and out of the office. He’s got a few suits in weekly rotation at the dry cleaner’s and leather shoes shined to high heaven. After all, he’s the one who first taught you about the importance of self-presentation. He works hard and makes big strides to support his family, but also because he loves to lead a greater cause.



  1. The Bookish Dad: All Wood Watch // Redwood + Ebony 31 Red


He’s got a stack of books by his bedside or a hyperactive library card. He was your primary bedtime story-provider growing up. You lose him at the supermarket and know to find him in the magazine and pulp-fiction aisle. Almost all of your conversations with him can’t help but take on a philosophic air. He’s responsible for your taste in certain genres, or at the very least, your taste in books at all.



  1. The Ballgame-Loving Dad: Wooden Watch // Theo Rustic Amber

He keeps a pulse on all of his favorite teams and is often found reading up on stats and game theory. Baseball, basketball, or football: there’s nothing your old man enjoys more than some good old fashioned ballgame-watching--hurling emotions screen-side or from the bleachers.  Everything you know about sports, you first learned it from your dad.



  1. The Hot-Rod Dad: Black Stainless Steel Watch // Tempest Green Marble


He works on cars in one capacity or another. There’s a jumpsuit somewhere with his name monogrammed onto it. He frequents car shows and occasionally visits the nearest racetrack to test out his modifications. He proudly taught you how to perform an oil change or replace your tire. More importantly, he has a deep appreciation for all things mechanical and a paint job well done.




Looking for more than what you see here? Take a gander at our complete collection. Whatever kind of dad you might have, we believe he can never really have too many watches.  

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