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Treehut Wood Feature of The Month - Walnut Wood

Treehut Wood Feature of The Month - Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is one of the most durable and popular woods in the USA for domestic projects and furniture making. It comes from the dark walnut tree and is hardwood. It is usually of a dark, chocolate-like color, but fresh timber can have lighter and creamier tones. The final color depends on the way the new wood dries. 

Woodworkers prefer working with walnut wood because it offers a gorgeous finish and is very easy to work with. Some significant benefits of working with walnut wood are:

  1. It is very readily available across the USA
  2. It has a beautiful primary chocolate brown color paired with purple, deep green, and gold hues in the grains. 
  3. It finishes up to look beautiful with just one coat of oil. 

At Treehut, wooden walnut watches are among our best sellers. Walnut watches add earthy options to our collections, which also pair perfectly well with our various kinds of dials, including marble ones. Although, we have a vast selection of walnut wood watches for him and watches for her, we’ve curated some of our best sellers made using walnut wood: 

3 Best Treehut Walnut Watches For Him 

Walnut wood has the perfect tones for day and night wear for the adventurous and sophisticated man. Let’s take a look at some of our best wooden watches made with walnut wood for men: 

1. Odyssey Cathaya Walnut Blue

The Odyssey Cathaya Walnut Blue watch for him has been crafted carefully using natural walnut wood for the case and the strap. The dial features gunmetal Roman numerals and a date indicator on a Cathaya wood dial.

Wooden watch for him

The gunmetal hour hands contrast with the natural wood accents, while the blue second hand adds a pop of color. Overall, the watch is perfect for the typical adventure-loving man who enjoys frequent journeys. 

2. Classic Ebony Walnut Theo 

Treehut’s classic collection is an ode to everything in nature. The Classic Ebony Walnut Theo watch is an all-wood piece and the perfect marriage between the dark hues of ebony and walnut wood.

Classic Ebony Walnut Theo Wooden Watch For Him

The strap combines both kinds of wood, while the dial features walnut wood exclusively with a Japanese quartz movement. Hence, the watch is perfect for someone that loves carrying a small piece of nature wherever they go

 3. North Chocolate Walnut Gold

The North Chocolate Walnut Gold welcomes you to the warmth of the North and its relationship with nature with an all-wood take on the classic chronograph design. 

North Chocolate Walnut Gold Wooden Watch For Him

The sub dials are gorgeously placed against a neat walnut wood dial. The strap is an interlinking combination of gunmetal steel and walnut wood to add the strength and durability that exudes when an equally sophisticated and adventurous man wears the watch. 

3 Best Walnut Wooden Watches for Her 

Walnut wood represents strength and sophistication, which are the hallmarks of a Treehut woman. Here are three of the best walnut watches we’ve created for women:

1. Emma Pearl Walnut Sky 

The Emma Pearl Walnut Sky is a gorgeous watch with a mother-of-pearl dial accentuated with diamond numerals. The dial has a natural walnut wood case and strap that adds much-needed sturdiness to the mother-of-pearl dial.

Emma Pearl Walnut Sky Wooden Watch For Women

The watch is the perfect combination of a delicate design and durable wood, thus complementing any style. 

2. Odyssey Women’s Walnut Blue Marble 

The Odyssey Women’s Walnut Blue Marble is a stunning combination of a natural walnut wood strap and case encasing the blue Italian marble dial.

Wooden watch for her

The dial features rose gold markings and Roman numerals at 6 and 12 o’clock. This simple yet savvy watch is perfect for a woman who isn’t afraid to take on new adventures. 

3. Solstice Walnut Gray 

The Solstice collection is a tribute to the solstice and the gorgeous California sun. The dial of the Solstice Walnut Gray is in a smooth gray color and is paired with a walnut wood case and strap. The classic number markings on the dial add a nice touch to the overall design.

Wooden watch for women

The watch is a classic, so it can be worn throughout the day and with any style. The subtle gray of the dial complements the chocolate brown hues of the watch strap and case. 

Walnut wood exudes a premium look and has the perfect hues to pair with any complementing material. Therefore, at Treehut, it is one of the best wood types we work with. Check out our entire collection of wooden watches for him and her here

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