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Treehut Travels to Paris

Treehut Travels to Paris

Here at, we are all about love and adventure! It’s summertime, and that calls for a chance to take on a whole new experience by traveling! This summer, Treehut was able to explore the city of Paris and multiple cities throughout Italy. We’re giving you some of the details of our travels, so stayed tuned for Treehut’s adventure-filled summer.


We gathered up our Treehut watches and were ready to take on the beautiful sights of Europe. It can always be a bit careful packing for a trip abroad, but one of the great things about our watches is that they are extremely lightweight, making them the perfect travel accessory.

Eight hours later and we finally landed in the city of love. After a quick coffee stop at a nearby cafe, we decided to take things easy as we were still a little jet lagged from the plane ride. We grabbed a warm baguette from a local bakery along with some fresh cheese and headed straight to the Eiffel Tower! 

From there we spent the rest of our time exploring the adventurous city's streets, museums, cafes, parks, and much more. Although we wish we had more time to wander through the city, we had to pack up our belongings for our next Treehut adventure! The city of Paris is just one of those places everyone needs to experience. It’s full of life, character, excitement, and so much more. Be sure to keep a lookout for our next blog about our journey through Italy. 

Are you heading anyone fun and exciting this summer? If so, be sure to pack along your Treehut watch and tag us in your photos using #treehutco If you would love a watch for yourself and are curious about the many styles available to you, then head on over and check out their InstagramFacebook, and website! Happy travels my fellow adventurers! 

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