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Treehut Spring Sunglasses Collection

Treehut Spring Sunglasses Collection

Spring-Ready Sunglasses

The weather is warmer, and the days are longer. Spring is here! To get ready for the new season, you’ll need the perfect pair of sunglasses. Want to spend your days lounging by the pool? Take a road trip into the sunset? Take a look at our newest arrivals.


The Bali Ebony Carbon

Packed with action, this light and comfortable pair is the perfect sunglasses for


Featuring two gold dot rivets, is constructed with multilayers of dark ebony wood and walnut. Packed with action, it makes a light and comfortable pair that is equipped with polarized UV lenses for the best sun protection and vision clarity for the everyday explorer. Simply throw on your frame and have a good time!

Inspired by skateboards, this pair comes with layers of blue maple wood and dark ebony. Its the perfect pair for when you're active and on the go. 

With a raise brow bar, this aviator sunglasses is only for the elite with its handcrafted layers of dark ebony wood and turquoise maple.

Handcrafted with layers of dark ebony and rosewood, this modern aviator sunglasses is just the cool, laid back look were going for..

It’s time to get ready for the new season. Grab the pair of sunglasses that suits your style.. 

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