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Touching Father's Day Stories | The Perfect Gif for Dad

Touching Father's Day Stories | The Perfect Gif for Dad


Touching Father's Day Stories


We know Father’s Day is coming quickly… So to get into the Father’s Day spirit, we’ve reached out to some of our loyal patrons to give us an inside look at how their Treehut watch has shaped their Father’s Day. Let us just say—we’ve been blown away by the responses!

We had a feeling you’d have great things to tell us, but your stories have been nothing short of amazing. We heard from people from all walks of life—wives, children, aunts and uncles… even a dad who bought a watch for his son’s first Father’s Day. And it’s been so great hearing from each and every one of you!

But of course, we won’t spoil anything. We’ll let them tell the stories…



Kelsey wrote...

It’s been a rough 17 months for our family. Without going into the details, my dad found himself needing a new liver, and things weren’t looking good for him at one point. I’ve never been so heartbroken and scared as those few weeks when it looked like we might lose him. When we finally heard he was going to get a transplant, we were thrilled—elated—and even though I couldn’t be more grateful, I also didn’t know it’d be such a long road back to “normal”.

Through it all, my dad’s had the best attitude. I have been so inspired to see his bravery and strength after everything he’s been though. Father’s Day, for me, has more meaning that ever, because it wasn’t long ago that I thought I’d never get to celebrate another one with him. I bought him his new stainless steel watch because I want him to know he’s as tough as steel, and I engraved it with “You’re my inspiration” because on Father’s Day (and every day) he’s the person I will always look up to the most.



Carlos wrote…

I’ve been asking my son Antonio for grandchildren for years now, and he and his wife always came back with the same answer: “It’s not the right time.” But FINALLY at Christmas this past year, they announced they were expecting. His mom and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have our first grandchild (it’s a girl, by the way!), so we wanted to make sure his first Father’s Day was especially meaningful.

Like me, he’s a woodworker by trade. I’ve even been helping him build a homemade crib for Graciela’s arrival, along with a wooden sign above her bed that says, “Dream Big”. What he doesn’t know is that his mother and I found a beautiful Chocolate Walnut watch that we engraved with the same words. Our son having his first child (and our first grandchild) is such an important occasion, and we’re thrilled we’ve found him a gift that will remind him of us and of his child, and all the happy times we’ve got ahead of us. We know he’s gonna love it.



Brenda wrote…

Every year, the kids and I used to pick Daddy out his Father’s Day gift together. It was a tradition we all looked forward to, although most of the time it was little stuff—ties, pens… one year we got him a french press. But by last year, my kids were old enough that they found their Father’s Day gift themselves, and all I had to do was give my OK.

It was my daughter, Abigail, that spotted Treehut watches online, and I was completely impressed them! When she held her phone up to show me, I was blown away by the beautiful details and craftsmanship—and we all LOVED the idea of engraving the back. The kids and I took a vote on what to engrave, and when it arrived… I gasped. The pictures don’t even do it justice. Plus, it came super fast! Their dad LOVED his gift—so much that we’re planning on doing the same thing for his dad this Father’s Day. 



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