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Top 5 Places to Travel This Spring

Top 5 Places to Travel This Spring


1.) Washington D.C.

One of the best times to visit the capital is during the beautiful spring time. The annual Cherry Blossom Festival attracts thousands of people each year with its enchanting blooms. This is must see destination this spring.

2.) Sydney, Australia

Another great destination to travel to this spring is the magnificent land of Australia. There is so much to do in Sydney, you will have a tough time deciding on what activities to do first. Australia offers an array fun things to do such as wildlife tours, exploring historical monuments, adventure hikes, and much more!    

3.) Tofino, British Columbia

You won’t want to miss the fascinating views of Tofino, British Columbia. Spring time is the best time of the year to visit British Columbia because off the coast you’ll spot humpback and gray whales! Tofino also offers incredible views of the Pacific coast.

4.) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The weather is always great down in Punta Cana, but especially great during the spring time! Pack your swimsuits and sunscreen because this destination is all about soaking up the sun. The Dominican Republic offers breathtaking views that are so picture esc.

5.) Arendal, Norway

The perfect country side spring destination is in Arendal, Norway. This town offers stunning views of mountains, lakes, and rivers. The weather is great during this time of year for hikes through the hillsides.  

Each one of these destinations offers a great spring vacation for any adventurous individual! Be sure to bring along your Tree Hut watch. Head on over to our website to check out several of our great styles. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to always keep up to date with the newest styles and the best engraving inspirations.

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