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The Treehut Guide to Buying a Watch Online

The Treehut Guide to Buying a Watch Online

It’s been quite a while since you got yourself a new watch? And you’ve heard that you can get some cool watches online, too, now. However, where do you start, and what is the right brand you should explore? We get it; these questions can get quite overwhelming and confuse you. Hence, we’ve developed a quick guide on how to buy a watch online for yourself or a loved one.

How to Buy a Watch Online

Buying a watch online is an entirely different process compared to buying from a brick-and-mortar store, where you can simply walk in and choose a watch. The following are some tips you can follow for picking a quality watch online.

Lock a Budget 

The world is your oyster when spending money on a watch. It can begin from a mere $10 and go up to $500,000, depending on what you want in a watch. Knowing how much you can afford when looking for a new watch and what things you can compromise can help you decide on a ballpark figure. 

Buying a watch online wooden watch

Consider The Materials 

The core materials that make up your watch will determine where you can wear it and how because not every watch is created the same. The material must be high quality at all costs. Wooden watches are a great choice because they are sustainable, robust and stylish at the same time. Some of them are exquisite in looks and fall within most budgets. Hence, they are an ideal choice if you are buying a watch online. 

The Movement Matters

The movement that powers a watch matters because it makes a watch work at the end of the day. The most reliable and oldest movement is the Japanese quartz movement which is in use since the 1970s. A single piece of quartz crystal vibrates to ensure the precision of a watch’s timekeeping.

Automatic movement wooden watches for men

Over the years, mechanical and automatic movements have also picked up some popularity. Both of these movements make use of gears and a coiled spring. The automatic movement uses the momentum of the hands to keep going. 

The kind of movement powering a watch will influence its price, too, so pay attention to what you prefer movement-wise when buying a watch online.

The Brand Name 

Some people are big on buying from particular brands, while others don’t care. If you’re a watch enthusiast, then you probably already know how name brands work, and their price ranges too. Luxury watches can be costly, but consider their resale value, and you will see that they are an investment. 

Regardless of the cost, you need to research before buying from a  new brand. Look at their reviews online and carefully examine their interactions with their customers on social media and other review platforms. 

Make sure you make a sound decision on which brand you want to buy from before you invest in this purchase. 

Wooden watches for her

Consider The Design 

Like any other accessory, watches come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from minimalist to glamorous, depending on how you want to wear it. 

If you need a watch that you can wear on adventures and during an event too, you can choose multi-purpose wooden watches from Treehut that are designed to be worn from day to night. 

Shortlist the Function 

Just like the diversity in materials, you can also choose between the functions you want your watch to have. From having alarm clock functions to having pedometers, watches come with many functionalities and you will need to keep in mind which of these functions you need in your watch before you make a purchase. 

Buy Watches Online at Treehut

At Treehut, we create bespoke wooden watches with all kinds of movements and materials incorporated to create unique and rare timepieces that will make you stand out from the rest! Our watches are handcrafted in our local San Francisco studio and we are available to assist our customers should they face any problems with their watches. 

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