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The Next 5-Years... | Creating Memories With Treehut Wooden Watches

The Next 5-Years... | Creating Memories With Treehut Wooden Watches

The best is yet to come...


These last five years have passed us by and have been nothing short of amazing. From our humble beginnings in a small living room to making the move to our first real location and growing our team from Julia and Joh to a team of 20 and even expanding our offices to San Diego, California. We have grown in more ways than just location and team. We’ve also grown creatively, adding new watch designs in abundance, focusing more on creative marketing, and even building new partnerships. Treehut's journey has been fun, exciting, and anything but boring, but this is just our beginning. 

Treehut’s plans for the next five years… 


We are very excited that our creative team has expanded to San Diego, California. Aside from being a beautiful city for location shoots, San Diego is filled with the most laid back creative people. We’d like to continue to build different teams in more locations that inspire us from watch designs to photography. Bali, maybe? 



Our team is small, but we are mighty, and we have huge dreams. From a team of 2 to a team of 20 we might be growing at a steady pace but you can't beat quality over quantity, with hopes to continue to expand to different locations around the globe we are excited to welcome new team members!



We promise to continue to design new watches and update our current designs to meet our customer's needs and expectations. We take great pride in being a leading wooden watch company and we will not stand for anything less for our customers. As long as you support us, we will continue to deliver the best modern wooden watch designs.



Aside from being a leading wooden watch company, we want to focus more on creating other products that represent our brand and our values. Just in the last few years, we’ve added sunglasses, jewelry, and wallets. We’d like to expand our product assortment to bring other accessories that are centered around natural materials. Stay tuned, exciting things are coming!



We are really excited to see what unfolds in the next five years. Cheers to 5 more!



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