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Perfect Gift for Him | Top 50 engravings for Christmas gift for your Boyfriend

Perfect Gift for Him | Top 50 engravings for Christmas gift for your Boyfriend


The gift your boyfriend will love!

Why are boyfriends so hard to shop for?



If you have no idea what to get him this holiday season, a custom wooden watch might be just the thing. Our personalized wooden watches will make him smile and remember why he chose you. 


And we are here to make sure you come up with the perfect engraving. Here are the top 50 engravings we have seen over the past four years of helping people give more than just gifts, but memories. 


1. You are the only package I want this Christmas. 

2. The perfect Christmas with you ❤️

3. Merry Christmas babe- 2018

4. Always your girl. 

5. I wish I was the Grinch, I would steal you. 

6. You are the luckiest guy in the world. I would love to be dating me. 

7. The best Christmas ever. 

8. You are my Noah to my Allie. 

9. Our love is silly and I love it every day. 

10. You're sexy even when I hate you, that's real. 

11. To the world, you are just one person. But to me, you are the world. 

12. Tis the season to drink wine with you. 

13. Merry Christmas my love. 

14. So you are always thinking of me. 

15. Our first Christmas as a couple, our first year together. 

16. My partner in crime. 

17. Hooked on you, 12/25/18

18. So glad I found you-Christmas 2018

19. I love you because you tell me I am beautiful in the morning. 

20. I love you more than SpongeBob loves jellyfish. 

21. Merry Christmas! All I got you is this engraved watch! lol 

22. You are my sky and my ground. 

23. I love you more every day. 

24. So glad I swiped right! 

25. What would I do without you? 

26. I love you, for all the ways you are. 

27. You are my ocean, sky, and wind. I love you. 

28. You are my favorite. 

29. I will love you until the end of time. 

30. Let's go on another adventure! 

31. I was waiting for you, I am so glad we met. 

32. I love you to the moon and back. 

33. I can't remember anything before you. 

34. Hey dork! I love you. 

35. Sexy time? 

36. Our story is my favorite. 

37. You are the Romeo to my Juliet ❤️

38. Dreams do come true. 

39. You're my one and only. 

40. Best Catch Ever. 

41. Another year, another Christmas, with my one and only. 

42. No distance can stop us. 

43. My other half. 

44. Our first Christmas, many more to come. 

45. We are a deadly duo. 

46. You are a babe! 

47. You are the person I text at 3 a.m. 

48. I grow faster with you! 

49. Love is two people becoming one. 

50. I seem to have fallen in love with you. 



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