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People of Treehut: Adventures and Dreamscapes with Zach Alvidrez | A Wooden Watch For New Adventure

People of Treehut: Adventures and Dreamscapes with Zach Alvidrez | A Wooden Watch For New Adventure

photography has taken the forefront of my time and passion.

Photographer, Zach Alvidrez



Pink clouds, alpine lakes, gold flecks, sun-kissed skin and sculpted mountains. These are just a few fleeting glances into the dreamscapes that Zach Alvidrez has captured and created out of Denver, Colorado, where he now calls home. As a native Texan new to the area, he and fiancé Amanda have taken well to the Rocky Mountains.  The images found on his IG handle, @zachalvi, are clear evidence of his love of nature and people, showing intimate portraits only a sensitive soul could have choreographed.


You can tell he pays heartfelt consideration to everything on the other side of his lens: humans (model friends and random strangers), animals and the landscape. He's even concerned about inanimate objects out of frame--like his tripod, who “probably got really annoyed [once] of being asked to take ‘just one more’.”


In return, his subjects appear entirely at home in his care and the landscape seems glad to yield to his vision. Scrolling through his feed feels like looking at stills from arthouse movies you wish you could live in.


We were thankful for the recent chance to chat with Zach to learn a bit more about his background. 


What’s your story? Where did you grow up and what were your hobbies and obsessions growing up?


I’m a portrait, landscape and product photographer based in Denver, Colorado, but originally from El Paso, Texas.  I'm recently engaged to my amazing fiancé, Amanda, aka “The Chief”, lol. We absolutely love life in the mountains, and frequent Rocky Mountain National Park, which is where I shot the photos of the watch.



Growing up in El Paso, Texas, was pretty awesome. I've had a great support system with my mom, friends, and siblings. I spent a lot of time drawing and creating things. I finally latched onto music, and still sing, play guitar, and write my own music. Although now, it's become more of a pastime, whereas photography has taken the forefront of my time and passion.

You mention in your original Treehut watch photo that Amanda gifted you the watch. Was it engraved with a message?


The watch was not engraved. Amanda was my then-girlfriend.. and now my amazing fiance! Our wedding is summer 2019 :)




Where has life taken you since that time (July 8, 2015)?


Well, we've moved around a bit. Amanda and I were living in Austin, TX then, and my career moved us to Las Cruces, New Mexico and just recently we moved to Denver, Colorado. It's been an amazing ride. I work for a company that I love, and we now live in a place where adventure is literally right outside our door.


What is your favorite memory?


My favorite memory has got to be proposing to Amanda in a small northern New Mexico town in the Rocky Mountains called Taos. We were each other’s best friends, hiking up around the ski valley.  I asked Amanda to take some photos with me and dropped to a knee and asked my best friend to spend the rest of her life with me.


What’s your happy place?


Hmmm, my happy place is in the mountains, or looking through the viewfinder on my camera... or both.

What, or who, inspires you?


Well, on a personal level, I'm extremely fortunate enough to say I have great people around me to learn from and grow with. Amanda, my fiance, is definitely one of them. I also look to my mom, Debi, for guidance and support. She's raised my younger brother and sister and myself as a single mom. She's unbelievably strong-willed and truly has a heart of gold.


Words to live by?

Love yourself.


Be sure to check out and follow Zach on Instagram @zachalvi for daily inspiration and inquiries.

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