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My Love Letter To MOM

My Love Letter To MOM

My Love Letter To Mom

To all MOMS,

A big THANK YOU is owed to you for all the things you do and will do in the future. Without you there would be no us. You are every child’s first love. Through your love we know how to love others. But we know being a mother is most definitely not the easiest job. You wear more hats in your lifetime than any other time.  


During our youth, you were our first teacher. The lessons included how to stand, speak, and just how to behave. Being a teacher meant you were also our “discipliner” so we learned quickly. But as soon as we gained breathe you automatically became our hero and your approval meant everything. We hate seeing that disappointment in your face but delighted in the moments you were proud of us. Mom, you were also our best nurse. You knew the best remedy for every sickness most of which didn’t taste so good. Yet none of that changed as we got older and you only became more important to our existence.

Your baby was all grown up which is never an easy pill for a mother to take. We began our own journeys which couldn't have been easy for you. At this point, you have become my friend that I can turn to for advice, to vent, and just to chit chat. But all those roles you played you never stopped playing. So from the children whose Mother's played the role of father, teacher, discipliner, nurse, hero, friend, and much much more we thank you. 


With Love and Admiration, 


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