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How to Adjust Your Watch (The Right Way) | Wooden Chronograph Watch For Men

How to Adjust Your Watch (The Right Way) | Wooden Chronograph Watch For Men




Not long ago we released one of our most popular collections ever: the Classic Multifunction. This bestselling update of our Classic Collection comes equipped with 3 gorgeous sub-eyes that not only add dimension and beauty—they’re also incredibly functional. But while they may look intimidating to operate, setting their date and time is truly as simple as 1-2-3. Here’s a quick look at how it’s done.


How to Set Your Watch’s Date and Time



Pull the crown out one click and rotate counter-clockwise until you find the desired date. (When your 3:00 subeye is moving, you know you’re on the right track.)



Pull the crown out one more click, but this time rotate clockwise. Rotate until you get to the desired day. (This is located on the left sub-eye.)



Once you’ve got your day chosen, keep rolling to adjust your watch to your local time.




Adjusting the date and time is a snap. When you’re all finished, simply push the crown back in place and you’re ready to go!



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