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How Billionaires Summer

How Billionaires Summer

how billionaires summer

What makes a billionaire's vacation so different from the average summer vacation? Both the lavish and the economic vacations are meant to escape the normality of routine, the surroundings we're dull to, and our draining responsibilities. What makes billionaires' vacations so much more expensive is the grade of exclusivity, grandeur, and service, and the fact that they never truly escape from business - for the billionaire, ripe opportunities are abundant.   

 Necker Island Resort 

Exclusivity - “They want to be as far away from the masses as possible.” Commented Farhad Heydari, a luxury lifestyle editor and journalist.

Billionaires have what people spend every day of their lives, minus the weekends, trying to accumulate into something worthwhile – money, and they’re deathly afraid of losing it. That’s why they run from the masses and retreat within the boundaries their security teams create. It's also why they buy, renovate, and rent out their vacation destinations, but more on that later.

“Security personnel [make] it very hard for the public to use the [public] beaches when high profile guests are vacationing […] generally by setting up large temporary perimeters that the public isn’t allowed to cross,” according to Matt Bromagin in reference to Necker Island in the article Where Do Billionaires Vacation? Necker Island is a private island within the British Virgin Islands bought by billionaire Richard Branson who turned the island into a resort. Exclusive rental rates for the property start from $42,500 per night for up to 16 people. 

Necker Island 

When the extremely rich want to vacation, they don't just rent a resort, they buy islands and build resorts. This way they can make money off of vacationing by renting the resort out to millionaires who are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars per night. Richard Branson is also the owner of Moskito Island, a few miles from Necker Island. Marketed as "your own private paradise," Branson charges 47,300 per night for 22 guests. 

Moskito Island 


Though Billionaires fear losing their money, that doesn't mean they're opposed to spending it liberally. The Travel Channel article, Billionaire Vacation Playground regards the billionaire clientele around Necker Island, as prone to "opt for all the extras- perhaps a private fireworks display (offered for $25,000 at Musha Cay) or a rare vintage Champagne flown in on a whim from the mainland."

Necker Island 

Opulence isn't exclusive to Necker island or private islands in general. Though private islands are a typical summer destination for the vacationing billionaire, opulence stretches far from the ocean to unexpected areas like Kenya. What’s more grandeur than vacationing in your own grandiose wildlife reserve? The Wildenstein family’s 58,000 acre, Kenyan estate holds within its borders 50 of the last 790 endangered black rhinos. Isolated in the wilderness, this private ranch is a 28-minute flight from Nairobi. The sweeping views of Mt. Kenya and array of endangered species and wildlife would be nothing to the affluent guest without the accommodation and amenities. Forbes contributor Ann Abel described it as “undeniably exquisite, full of sumptuous Hermès linens, perfectly polished Buccellati silver, closets of crystal stemware, and luxurious touches galore in the seven cottage suites.” Rentals are available at 229,000 per week for 14 guests.

Wildenstein Private Wildlife Reserve 

Turns out there is something more grandeur than exquisite accommodations and that's billionaire toys. Remember Necker Island and Mosquito Island owner, Richard Branson? He spices up his island rentals with departures into the deep sea. “The speedboat-, spaceship- and hot air balloon-traveler debuted his newest toy in April [2010]: a submarine. The so called Necker Nymph fits two plus a pilot and flies underwater. Weekly rental: $25,000.” Noted Forbes contributor Katie Evans in the article, What Billionaires Do On Their Summer Vacations.


Of course, the most expensive billionaire toy is the yacht. Wallin of Robb Report says, "It’s like a floating mansion or palace [...] with the helipad, water toys, the private movie theater and a crew taking care of everything.” Yachts are the most exclusive sort of travel and really distinguish the billionaire from the millionaire and mere average folks. Wallin is at awe over the superyacht, Nirvana, "the 6-deck, 290-foot-long ship which hosts 12 guests, with a crew of 26 tending to their every whim and has such amenities as a 3-D cinema, fully equipped gym, multiple jet skis and water ski boats and 2 vivariums populated by water dragons and bearded lizards," according to the already mentioned Billionaire Playground article. 

Nirvana Super Yacht  

These decadent vacations might leave you feeling a bit jealous of the billionaire lifestyle. If that's the case, take a note from their playbook and look for your own business opportunities on your next vacation (including weekends). If that sounds droll, than clear your mind of all this billionaire spending, perhaps by taking a pleasant vacation.  

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