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Facts to Get You Excited for Fall | Eco-friendly Accessories for Fall Season

Facts to Get You Excited for Fall | Eco-friendly Accessories for Fall Season


Autumn leaves and pumpkin, please!


Summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean less adventure. Discover more about this fascinating season with these fun fall facts.


1. Pumpkin spice is not pumpkin!

When we think of fall, pumpkin spice lattes come to mind. But did you know that pumpkin spice is actually the spice mix used for pumpkin pies? It's made of cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg, ground allspice, and ground cloves!



2. Fall colors occur because of sugar.

The more red hue in a leaf, the more sugar it has. This is why Maple trees tend to be so colorful!



3. It's the season of love.

This is the season that most people go from single to a relationship, and even engaged! During the colder months, both men and women experience a higher level of testosterone.


4. Fall babies are more likely to live to a 100.

According to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Aging Research, those with a fall birthday are more prone to become centenarians!



5. It brings yummy fruits!

Although we get to enjoy strawberries and melon during the summer, the fall season brings with it apples, pears, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes!



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