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Exquisite Handcrafted Accessories For Women

Exquisite Handcrafted Accessories For Women

Pearl Petite Collection Womens Watch


Show off that feminine elegance.

Vintage size meets modern style in our new Pearl Petite Collection, now available for International Women's Day. Treat yourself or the women in your life to an exquisite, handcrafted timepiece to wear day or night. The Pearl Petite Collection women’s watch features an iridescent white pearl dial detailed with white diamonds as numbers, framed with an elegantly minimal case and 12mm watch band made from all natural wood. Petite yet modern, this unique watch is the perfect gift idea for your minimalist lady
Pearl Petite Walnut Rose Gold
Choose from gorgeous pops of color of these pearl watches, then see them shine as the light hits the dazzling mother of pearl dial. Great gift for women who are gentle and free-spirited. A minimalist, wooden watch that complements both warm and cool colors, which means it enhances almost every attire. The understated, graceful grandeur  lends a lustrous touch to any outfit.
Womens Accessories Necklaces
Simple but alluring. Elevate your everyday look and take your outfit to a whole new level with our new necklaces for women that feature stylish druzy pendants and 24K gold plated sterling silver chain. Perfect everyday necklace to complement any look. Shape up your jewelry collection; Go for simply stunning with our new variety of show-stopping stones and styles.
Womens Accessories Earrings
Magnificent druzy earrings in different shapes and colors. Harmonize your look with the perfect combination of shape and style, from a simple stud in rose gold to mystical moons in fairy-dusted druzy. These studs for women are meant to be mixed and matched to perfection and gives every look a delicately pretty touch. Stylish earrings that make a big impact on your overall look and will improve your accessories game.
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Since a decade ago when we started, our commitment goes beyond crafting exquisite timepieces; it extends to a dedication to sustainability. Join our movement towards a greener future and wear a watch that not only tells time but tells a story of conscious living.

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