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Engravings to Romance the Soul this Valentine's Day By,

Engravings to Romance the Soul this Valentine's Day By,

Engravements to Romance the Soul this Valentine's Day

Getting excited about Valentine's Day, but stumped on what to get that special someone? Well, we have the answer for you! Here at Tree Hut not only are we producing beautiful custom-made wooden watches to fit anyone's taste, but we are also huge sentimentalists who are promoting all kinds of love. So why keep stressing when you can buy your man or woman a timeless gift such as a watch! Okay, now that we have the gift in mind, what will you engrave on the back? Don't panic! We know how hard it is, which is why we have provided some perfect examples for you below! Keep in mind that the engravements are limited to ten words and three lines. Happy hunting! 


1. "I Love Every Second With You" 


2. "Love you, Always have, Always will." 


3. "Love you more <3."   


4. "I love you to the moon and back."  


5. "All I need is you...Always and Forever <3." 



6. "They fell in a mutual weirdness and called it love." 


7. "Counting the minutes until I get to see you again." 


8. "So glad I swiped to the right." 


9. "If I could replay my life, I'd find you sooner." 


10. "Promise to love you forever."


 We hope that these few examples will inspire you to create your expression of love this Valentine's Day!


Be sure to also check out our previous blog with several engraving ideas for your dad’s Father’s Day gift. For even more inspiration check out Treehut's Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and our website today!

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