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A Treehut Watch – The Best Memorable Gift For Son

A Treehut Watch – The Best Memorable Gift For Son

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A Gift of Time

The best gift he'd ever gotten 

Our friend Jeremy Collins will never forget the day he found that out. Here’s his story:


Time is a gift, both mysterious and precious, and it has a different meaning for all of us. Dad was always looking at his watch. As a kid, I used to wonder what he could possibly be looking for. From the way he’d stare at it, you’d think he was looking for the secrets of the universe instead of just the time. “Life is run on a timetable, Jeremy,” he’d tell me. And from his perspective, I guess that was true.


He and Mom ran a small business on the east side of town, where they printed photocopies and shipped boxes for the other businesses in town. The boxes were shipped at certain times every day, and Dad was always there to see them off. Missed deadlines meant a missed sale, which meant missed money for his family—so the time became his very best friend. Sometimes more of a friend than me, and more of a friend than Mom. His watch was his constant companion.


The Night Things Changed


I’ll never forget one night, long after they’d put me to bed, I tiptoed down the stairs to the sound of raised voices in the kitchen. It was the usual stuff—the business was stressful, the money wasn’t there. All things I’d heard before. But as Dad glanced at his watch again, my mom did something neither my dad nor I expected. His arm still extended, she gently took hold of his wrist... and kept hold, as if she was contemplating running out the door with it. “This watch,” she said. “You’ve looked more at this watch’s face than mine today.” 


Then she let his arm go and sat back in her chair. My dad sat stunned across from her. And in the strangest display, I’ve seen, maybe even up to today, she began to laugh. She shook her head, held her stomach, and laughed in long, rolling chuckles until my dad joined her. As a kid, I had no idea what was happening, but I started to laugh, too. Maybe it was just the release we all needed—to let go of all that pressure that had been building. 


Everything Was Different


One thing was certain, though. Things changed. He started to see us again, not just the face on his watch. Even though he kept working, it was as if he’d finally remembered why he had been working, to begin with.


Last year, when he gave me my 30th birthday present, all those memories flooded up again. I pulled my new watch from its gift box and I thought of every time my dad had sacrificed to provide for us. Every time he’d stayed behind so we could go farther. It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten. To this day, I look at it and smile and remember my Dad who gave us everything he could. I remember my Mom, who could pull joy and laughter out of the strangest situations. And I’m reminded of the type of father I want to be for my kids—present, sacrificing, and always mindful of our time. Just like Dad.


That’s what life is about, isn’t it? Treasuring small moments, and leaving space to appreciate the time we’ve been given. We love being a part of stories like this, and we love helping you create them. That’s why we’re giving you our best discounts on your order today!



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