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A Great Gift For Men | Wooden Watches For Nature Lovers

A Great Gift For Men | Wooden Watches For Nature Lovers

Treehut Customized Gift Boxes


Keep a piece of the wilderness.


Those who get to explore the depths of national parks always say how at peace and inspired they feel being in the presence of open plains, rocky mountains and wide glaciers. That’s exactly what Anne Filmore and her husband had in mind when she booked their vacation to Yosemite National Park, far away from their New York home. 


Every day was spent rock climbing, hiking, and exploring the vast landscapes while enjoying the crisp, clean air as well as each other’s company while being lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature each night. Anne told Brian, “I’ve always loved nature and the mountains. There’s just something about it that makes you feel alive, you know?”


Anne told us she knew there was no way to move Brian away from his aging mom and dad or his stable career at Brooklyn Tech. So for now, New York would always be their home. Anne did a quick google search on the last night of their getaway and found our store. “It was a special idea,” Anne told us. “Get a wooden watch with sky blue details, so he’d always have a memory of our nature retreat”.


Classic Day-Date Ebony Blue

Brian loved the Classic Day-Date Ebony Blue from our Classic Collection! When he catches people eyeing the smooth ebony wood wrist piece clasped on his wrist, he just grins and remembers the unforgettable vacation and the gift his wife bought him.


That’s what life is about, isn’t it? It’s treasuring those special moments and making memories. That's why we decided to give you a special treat of 15% Off for any Classic Day-Date Collection order in the next 2 days. 



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