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6 Romantic Beer Drinking Toasts

6 Romantic Beer Drinking Toasts

6 Romantic Beer Drinking Toasts

Beer is one of the oldest beverages produced and is over 7,000 years old. Famous Intellects, like Aristotle, Hunter S. Thompson, and Edgar Allen Poe have all written about their love for beer and inspired a few of these engravings. Beer is pretty lovable, anyone reading this article, has at least one loved one, who loves beer. Toast to the beer lovers in your life, with these romantic engravings centered around beer. 

to long romantic walks to the bars
 Watch wood: Ebony
Engraving: To long romantic walks to the bar
better than a cold beer on a beautiful day
Engraving: Better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon

good people drink good beer you must drink the best
Watch wood : Ebony + Walnut
Engraving: Good people drink good beer, you must drink the best

toast to you Watch wood : Zebrawood
Engraving: I will drain that glass and toast to you again

 you like beer are a continuous love

 Watch wood: Zebrawood
Engraving: You, like beer, are a continuous love
Watch wood : Ebony + Zebrawood
Engraving : I'll always choose you

Toast to the one you'll always choose ( not the beer ;) The next time you're with that someone special and you raise your glass don't just cheers them, say something special!

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