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Engraving Spotlight: "You're the Mark I'm Aiming For"

Engraving Spotlight: "You're the Mark I'm Aiming For"

Treehut Wood Watches: Engraving Spotlight | Personalized Yours Today!
We're proud to be based in San Francisco. Have you been and where are you from?
I'm sad to say I've never been to San Francisco. My cousin lives just outside of the city though, so it's definitely on my soon to be visited list. I'm from the Pacific Northwest, but I live in Scottsdale, AZ now.

What was your first impression of your handmade Tree Hut watch when you received it in the mail?
I was so nervous about the watch getting here honestly! Engravings get messed up all the time on products, and so until the watch got here I was a little anxious. Thankfully when I got home from work, and my boyfriend was finally allowed to open the box the watch was just as I had imagined.

What message did you have engraved on the back of your Tree Hut watch? 
On the back of the watch, I had engraved "You're the mark I'm aiming for." Ever since Seth and I started dating in 2010 there's been one song that really hit home with me and it's Head Over Heels by Switchfoot. It's a song about love, but the lyrics are so much more than that. Seth is such a kind, caring person that every day he really is the mark I'm aiming for. He's what my end goal is for a significant other, as cheesy as that sounds!

Was it a special occasion or a "just because" gift?
The watch was a "just because" gift. I had seen your ads on Facebook, and Seth is so particular about, well everything, but especially watches that I thought this would be a great surprise!

What was the reaction of the person you gifted it to?
Seth was so excited to open the box. I had caved in and told him that I ordered it, but had left out the part about the engraving! Just as I had hoped it was exactly the type of thing he could and would sport every day since.

Tell us about the biggest adventure you've ever spent with this person.
I'm going to have to say every day is an adventure with this goofball! I'm kind of a klutz so it makes for interesting times. We both rock climb though, and it has definitely gotten us in some interesting situations. He's been my knight in shining armor more than once when I've gotten stuck on a route, or have been too afraid to climb something because I knew there had to be spider webs  somewhere up there. He's the first to grab a stick and climb the route first so that he can clean it out for me. We just love getting outside together!

What Tree Hut product do YOU have an eye on for yourself?
I've been eyeballing the Buddha Blush bracelet! I've recently begun wearing a lot of Elephant pants, so it would match beautifully with most of those!

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