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9 Essentials For a Nature Inspired Wedding

9 Essentials For a Nature Inspired Wedding

~ 9 Tips for a Nature Inspired Wedding featuring Tree Hut Wooden Watches ~

It's time to plan your wedding and we truly believe a nature-inspired theme is the way to go! Not only can it be more affordable - but it brings in a simple, elegant touch that all your guests will appreciate. Skip a few of those old-fashioned traditions and read these 9 tips we gathered for your big day!

1.Garnish your cake yourself with mother nature. Order a simple cake (any colored frosting would look amazing) and place your choice of lovely leaves or twigs around the edges. And voila! - a beautiful cake with a touch of elegance.

2. Real wooden invitations is a unique way to announce your wedding date!

3. Gift your groomsmen personalized Tree Hut wooden watches with special messages or nicknames engraved on the back. 

4. Ditch the traditional guest book! Collect a bunch of smooth stones from the woods or beach and pile them in a bowl. Place a sign in front of the bowl that asks for guests to sign it or write a short message! Click here if you don't have the time (or energy) to collect stones!

5. Save money on name cards and collect leaves instead! With a gold or silver pen, write our your guests names. Quick tip: if you're having a fall wedding, use autumn-colored leaves! 

6. Instead of the usual silver or gold platters - serve some of your food (breads, au'hourves, fruits, cheeses, desserts) on log slices. It brings an earthy element to the table and dining seems to be more of a sharing experience rather than a race for dinner. Contact your local landscape company or click here for another alternative.

7. Everyone loves succulents. (Especially mini ones!) Give out a party favor that your guests want and can have a simple reminder of your beautiful wedding sitting as it sits on their office desk or fire mantel! 

8. If you haven't heard, rice is bad for birds and confetti is littering - opt out of that bride-and-groom exit tradition and aim for fresh lavender! It's natural and smells oh-so-good! 

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