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9 Eco-Inspired Back-to-School Accessories

9 Eco-Inspired Back-to-School Accessories

9 Eco Friendly Back to School Accessories

Most of us are probably dreading back-to-school season...waking up early, studying late into the night, worrying about how we're going to feed ourselves without Mom's cooking. However, there is one benefit of going back to school: the chance to shop for an entire new wardrobe and school supplies! Flipping through the pages of a fresh notebook or uncapping a new pen for the first time is like heaven. 

Head back to school in style with these green back to school accessories, from watches to backpacks to iPhone cases. Being conscious about your eco footprint is more than just recycling occasionally. You should also be aware of the products you buy and the missions you support.


1. Timekeeper

The bamboo wooden watch is equipped with high quality Japan quartz movement. Diameter of the dial 1.7 inches. Strap is made of genuine leather.  • Watch made from Real Wood • Japanese Quartz movement  • Strap made from genuine leather • High Quality Soft Genuine Leather for your everyday wear • Minimalist Design • Durable & Long Lasting • Next business day shipping if no engraving services needed. Every Treehut watch is equipped with high quality Japan quartz movement and stainless steel tri-fold clasp with push buttons. Diameter of the dial 1.7 inches. Complementing casual, formal or business wear, this timepiece features a stainless steel bracelet and caseback highlighted with real wood inlays for a sleek and modern addition to your wardrobe.    • Ship Next Business Day!  • Watch Band Made from Real Wood and Stainless Steel • Japanese Quartz Movement  • Clasp Made from Stainless Steel Tri-Fold with Push Buttons  • Men's watch bands can be sized at a watchsmith to fit 7-inch to 8.75-inch wrists.  • Durable & Long LastingThe all wooden watch is equipped with high quality Japan quartz movement and stainless steel tri-fold clasp with push buttons. Diameter of the dial 1.7 inches. Strap and case are made of 100% wood with zebra wood framed with beautiful dark Ebony.  • Ship Next Business Day!  • Watch and Watch Band Made from Real Wood • Japanese Quartz Movement  • Strap Made from Real Wood • Clasp Made from Stainless Steel Tri-Fold with Push Buttons  • Minimalist Design • Durable & Long Lasting

With a snazzy new watch, being late to class on the first day of school is impossible. Tree Hut wood watches, sourced from FSC certified forests, are renewable, biodegradable, chemical-free, and just plain stylish. Plus, wood watches are so versatile, they'll match with any new back-to-school outfit! Oh, and if you're heading to school outside the U.S., don't forget to snag a good deal with Treehut's Worldwide Shipping Month.


2. Personalized Notebooks

Eco friendly tree free recycled notebookRecycled eco friendly notebookEco friendly bamboo recycled sustainable notebook for back-to-school

Because creativity should be in harmony with nature, not in conflict. 


3. Backpack

When hunting for a sustainable backpack to carry you from school to work to home, look for backpacks with these qualities: vegan leather, hemp materials, chemical-free, made of recycled waste products, buy one-give one, and/or fair trade. If you're from the USA, choose products made from here first (like our watches). Handmade is always better. ;)


4. Wallet

The Delta is a wallet made from 1/4" bamboo.  It is slim, stylish, and practical.  The slider holds up to four credit cards.  And there's a money clip attached for cash.

Since you're going to whipping out your school ID quite often (especially if you're in college), a durable, yet sustainable, wallet is a must. 


5. Writing Accessories

There are so many options for eco-friendly writing accessories, it's irresponsible not to be using any of them. Find a pen + planet combo that's perfect for your style, whether it's made of bamboo or recycled plasti water bottles.


6. Water Bottle

Getting your H2O on is essential, especially in the midst of this summer heat (RELATED: 10 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat). However, plastic water bottles are both environmentally damaging and expensive. Consider getting a stylish, reusable water bottle for some much needed back-to-school hydration.


7. Comfortable Shoes

Getting out of bed to go to school means the need to wear shoes again. Adorn your feet with ecostyle and consider footwear that has a future beyond your feet. Our personal favorites follow the "buy a pair, give a pair" philosophy. 


8. Minimalist Planner


The latest trend hitting the stationery runway? Minimalism. Luckily, many planners these days are made of recycled paper, so it shouldn't be too difficult finding one you'd actually be disappointed to write in.


9. Laptop Sleeve


Betcha you didn't know that HP and Apple are two of the most environmentally ethical computer manufacturing companies. Why not get an eco conscious laptop sleeve to show your commitment to the environment as well?

 What will you be bringing to school this year? Comment below!

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