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Picnic Essentials for a Day Date

Picnic Essentials for a Day Date

picnic essentials - the location the food

Picnics can sometimes get a bad rap as a cheap date, but picnics can be quite decadent with wine, cheese and fancy finger foods. A couple can really connect in the peaceful stillness of nature rather than amid a loud busy restaurant. To help you really connect, here's all the fancy treats you need to make a beautiful date out of a picnic. 

A Romantic Location 

alamo square  

It's summer time, so why not set up a lovely picnic in the shadow of a beautiful landscape. (Or in the bright sun if you're in SF.) San Francisco has a ton of beautiful parks with city backdrops like Alamo Square, Buena Vista, and Delores Park. Golden Gate Park, Baker Beach, and Ocean Beach are natural beauties and equally great spots for a picnic.  

Finger Foods

Preparing food for a picnic can be a challenge. Cold food is preferable, warm food cools too quickly and is not so tasty cold. 

Brie and a Baguette 

picnic essentials Slice up a french baguette before you leave the house. Grab a butter knife for brie and some napkins to keep clean. 

Mojito Watermelon 

picnic essentials

Add one final step to the above recipe, add a couple of toothpicks to the watermelons for easy picnic eating. Or add a box of toothpicks to your basket. 

The Main Meal 

Avocado Ham Sandwich 

picnic essentials

Summer Orzo with Shrimp

picnic essentials

This last one isn't technically a finger food, but its served cold and is a great picnic addition. Glass containers are perfect for portioning and storing the salad. Just remember to pack silverware. 


Strawberry Hand Pies

picnic essentials - strawberry hand pie recipe

These delicious strawberry pies are hand held and a little messy, so its nice to have some hand sanitizer and napkins handy. 

The Wine 

Don't forget your wine glasses. Bonus points for bringing a wine bucket filled with ice and a napkin to wipe off the perspiration (so you don't drip freezing water on your date!)  


bogle wine

Bogle is a Californian winery and a decent bottle of wine for around $10. Stick with a white, which will pair the best with the shrimp salad,  avocado sandwich and brie cheese. 

Santorini Assyrtiko 

picnic essentials

The Assyrtiko grape from Santori is light and crisp. Since Santorini is a volcanic, island in Greece, there is a bit of sea salt and petrol in the taste. This super unique wine can be found for $23, though restaurants serve it at $50 a bottle and up.  

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