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Tradition or Myth: Do I Give a Wedding Gift to My Fiancé?

Tradition or Myth: Do I Give a Wedding Gift to My Fiancé?

Should women buy their fiance a gift to reciprocate the wedding ring gift?

Your fiancé has given you a gorgeous wedding ring and you wedding day is near. Do you get him a gift in return or is the wedding band enough? Maybe you've never considered giving a gift to your husband-to-be. Maybe you're considering exchanging gifts on your wedding day. Or perhaps, like in my experience, your were reminded that your fiancé has given you a ring and traditionally you should reciprocate the gift with a watch. A quick google search shows a few gift ideas for your future husband from wedding blogs and magazine such as Weddington Way or The Knot. Though you perhaps noticed more search results for what the groom should get the bride, or for exchanging gifts on your wedding day. 

exchanging gifts on your wedding day

So where does this tradition come from? Is a watch truly the traditional gift, and if so should you buy an equally expensive watch just as fancy as your engagement ring? 

The average bride's wedding ring in the U.S. cost $4,000. The average groom's wedding band cost $389 - $547. With such a large gap in gift prices, maybe you feel you should get another gift for your fiancé. 

A Reddit user, had the same curiosity and asked the community, "What presents have women got their fiances in the past?" He imagined women buying new TVs, game consoles, golf clubs, tools, watches, etc. One older man believed that obligatory gift giving seemed to be a new tradition, and one that was getting out of control. Other's offered their own experience of giving a new TV or watch, though there seems to be no consistent tradition.   


So where does this tradition come from, if it exists at all? Personally speaking, I heard of this tradition from my Fiance's sister-in-law. So I began to wonder, where did she hear it from? She couldn't pinpoint when she first heard of the tradition, she just always knew of it. Perhaps this is a tradition specific to her location. I should note she lives in Luxembourg, Europe. Like many traditions before the age of the internet, the passage was from generation to generation. Perhaps this presumably European tradition was lost as our American ancestors crossed oceans to settle in the U.S. for the first time. Or perhaps she has an instinctual desire to not only reciprocate her now husband's love but also the gift which symbolizing her husband's love for her.  

happy couple love  

Whether this is a new tradition getting out of hand or an old tradition of equality, the choice of giving your fiancé a gift is yours to make. Surely your soon to be husband will be thrilled on his wedding day regardless of your buying him a fancy watch or not. Though, if you feel like you should return the favor and get him a piece of jewelry he can show off, then consider a Treehut wooden watch with a engraving on the back. You wont have to spend $3,000 to give him a charming gift that symbolizes your eternal love for him.

couples engraved gift

Couples Watches  

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1 comment on Tradition or Myth: Do I Give a Wedding Gift to My Fiancé?

  • Ellie Jay
    Ellie JayFebruary 06, 2017

    My husband gave me a Dreamlines sketch of my wedding dress. I gave him a boudoir album that our wedding photographer did, so I got a little cost break. Both gifts turned out so well!

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