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Maker Series: A Treehut Wooden Watch in the Making

Maker Series: A Treehut Wooden Watch in the Making

watch making series: how to make a treehutco watch

Our small team of crafters have refined skills and have seen countless watches pass through their steady, careful hands. The room is quiet as the lone crafter on this early morning begins the day’s orders. Seated before his table of tools, he perfectly situates all the needed pieces at arms length. This is his domain. The bright lights focus on the tools he’s freshly aligned and set about the clean, white table; he can never be too careful even in setting up his space. The fog has rolled in, blocking out the sun, but his lamps are a faithful substitution. A salty, San Francisco breeze chills the room momentarily, but he does not notice. His focus lies elsewhere. He is busy inspecting the unique color and swirls of the wood.

inspecting olive ash wood | Treehut Wooden Watches


This beautiful piece of wood is Olive Ash Burl. Each piece of natural wood is unique like a snowflake or fingerprint. Looking closely, the lines whirl around creating random distinct patterns within the same piece. Our crafter is fastidiously looking for any knots that could diminish the quality of the face to come.

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After inspecting the wood, our crafter carefully places the wood in our engraving machine, which then cuts out the face with engraved time marks. 

setting clock hands in place | Treehut Wooden Watches

With the face and notches in place, he lays out the three time hands. His pinky finger dwarfs the tiny, delicate hands, so once again he reaches for his needle nose pliers. His eyes focus on the center of the face, where he has punched out a tiny hole to affix the hands. One by one he places the hour, minute, and second hand into place. With a gentle push, that bounces back, the hand setter tool has locked the hands into place. They spring to life powered by Japanese quartz movement.  

The red second hand has already been hand painted. In some cases the hand is painted at this point, as it spins. The required skill to paint a ticking hand is impressive. His touch is so light and hand so quick that not a single drop falls to the face or to the other time hands.                     

How to insert the watch crown

Next, he delicately inserts the crown. Twisting the crown, he aligns the hands to 12. All three are perfectly aligned, so he knows he has set them just right. If he had misplaced the hands in the center hole, the three hands wouldn't overlap perfectly. 

Inserting the Crown | Treehut Wooden Watches


The face is now ready to be inserted in the case. Having set the face within the case, he sets the back plate precisely over the opening. Using an X motion he drills in the small watch screws. The watch is now ready to be engraved with our customer's personalized message.

how to screw in the watch back plate
Post engraving, he brushes the dust from  the back and polishes the wood with elbow grease and a soft 100% cotton cloth to prevent any scratching.  Pictured below, the pale golden wood with distinct, gradient stripes on the face and the 14-link band are made from Zebra Wood and engraved in our classic style. Darker woods like the Ebony watch pictured above receive one final step- the engraving is hand painted with gold finish for an elegant look. 
Polishing the Zebra Wood Watch post personalized engraving | Treehut Wooden Watches   
Lastly, he wraps the finished watch around a velvet pillow and tucks it into a Treehut box, which soon will reach our valued customer. Returning to his stool, he quickly checks his list of orders impatient to begin his next creation- a cherished memento memorializing the love be it romantic or familiar- something his skilled hands can pass to our lovely customers and from their hands maybe one day to their children's hands. The kids, now grown, might look affectionately at the engraved back and warmly remember the love their parents shared.  

engraved back  
Like one of the watches below? Check out our shop our Insta to find more about these gorgeous four watches. 
tree hut all wood watches
canvas leather band wood watch

all wood watch selection at treehutco

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  • John
    JohnApril 22, 2016

    This is so awesome -love the attention to detail!

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