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10 Things Dads With Daughters Should Know | Engrave Your Personal Message on Wooden Watch | Perfect Gift For Dad

10 Things Dads With Daughters Should Know | Engrave Your Personal Message on Wooden Watch | Perfect Gift For Dad

The person of the moment is Dad, whatever shape or form he is for you. You knew him first as the guy who witnessed your first steps and saved you from falling many times over after that. You also might know him as an older brother, uncle, grandfather, mentor, and now, possibly your own partner, helping to bring your own little person into the world.

No matter the person, there is a special mix of qualities Dad seems to have: 



  1. He’s truly your hero

You remember all the things big and small he’s done for you, including all the times he saved you from sticky situations. You were only too glad to see his face, and he never asked for anything in return. 



  1. You appreciate his sensitive side

You’ve always wanted to know what he thinks about and what tugs at his heartstrings. Every time he made himself vulnerable, he also taught you it was okay to share and embrace your own feelings. 



  1. He cracked the world open for you


You’re glad he encouraged you to do the scary things you complained about at first: learning to drive, trying out for the school play, joining the soccer team, eating your fruits and vegetables. It was him who first taught you about the inner workings of the world. In doing so, he gave you a sense of your own potential.



  1. He showed up, and you were happy to show him the ropes

You rejoiced whenever you got the chance to show him your world. Whether that meant he sat in on a tea party attended by dolls and stuffed animals, showed him how to take a proper selfie, you appreciated his efforts to understand your interests and share in your hobbies.



  1. He’s one rad dad

Despite what he’s been told, he’s actually kinda cool. Maybe you don't tell him enough. He’s lived a rich, interesting life and has built a life he's proud to share with you. Truth is, that man of mystery is still constantly surprising you. 



  1. You want to learn his magic tricks

His coolness partly comes from the way he schmoozes with strangers, his street smarts, his sheer ability to open a jar, complete a crossword puzzle or change a flat tire. All along, you watched in awe. But it's also that he's managed to do all this and keep you alive. Quite the juggling act!



  1. Home is wherever he is

Whenever you needed a healthy mix of advice and laughs, you always knew where to go. You’ll always have a soft spot for all the inside jokes and games you shared with him since childhood. 



  1. It meant a lot that he treated you as an equal

He's always done your best to regard you with the same kind of respect he would any son. He did his best to make you feel included and that your opinion mattered as much as the next guy’s.



  1. You’re thankful for everything

The more you continue to grow into a fully fledged adult entering the wider world and maybe even having kids of your own, the more you come to appreciate your dad. You appreciate the promises he's worked hard to keep, now knowing they don't come so easy. 



  1. You want to hear from him

His text messages are among your favorites to read any day of the week. You secretly relish his friendly reminders, random check-ins, buying tips and life musings (who knew?). Hearing his voice gives you a sense of place, and your IRL father-daughter coffee dates are breaths of fresh air. 



At the end of the day, you're proud to have been part of his tribe and to now capture and carry down his spirit.

What if we told you there was a way to do it through an exceptional Father's Day gift? As every cut of wood is different, our wooden watches are truly one-of-a-kind. Try our build-your-own watch option to choose materials that match him. After that, engrave a short, personal message. Check out some ideas here to get started. Happy gifting!

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