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How To Get Moisture Out of Your Watch

How To Get Moisture Out of Your Watch

The problem of having moisture in your watch is probably as old as the time watches were initially invented. It's a pesky little issue, and whether you have no idea where the moisture came from or know precisely what happened, it's a problem that needs an immediate fix! 

Any kind of moisture or condensation within a watch can damage its components through corrosion, and we bet that’s not something you’d be happy about.  

Get Moisture in Your Watch Out

4 Ways to Get Moisture Out of a Watch 

There are different reasons why a watch can accumulate moisture. You may have exposed it to more water than it can handle, sudden temperature changes, and if it's an old watch, the gaps in the make can let moisture in.

Whatever the reason, you need to know how to get that moisture out and restore your beautiful watch. 

1. Use Rice to Get the Moisture Out

Uncooked rice is a natural absorbent. The same trick for mobile phones also works pretty well for wet watches. Take an airtight container and fill it up with uncooked rice.

You must put your watch in the container, fully covered by the rice. Before you do this, make sure you remove the crown of your watch. 

Leave it submerged in the rice for at least eight hours or overnight. If the moisture remains, you may want to repeat the process for a few more hours. 

2. Give Your Watch a Sun Bath 

Sunlight is essential for all of us, which stands true for our watches. This method can get tricky because you should never leave your sustainable watches exposed to the sunlight for a very long time. 

However, a few minutes or an hour or two of exposure can help reduce the moisture in your watch. Make sure you wipe other liquids off your watch's surface and keep the watch exposed to the light outside for a few hours (2-3 hours at max). 

3. Use Silica Gel 

We’re sure you’ve seen the tiny little white packets in new electronic device packaging or medicines. Well, those gel beads are made of silica and naturally absorbent, like uncooked rice.

You can take some silica gel and place your watch in it for a few days. You will see that the moisture situation will improve and may even be eliminated. 

4. Use Other Heat Sources 

If direct sunlight seems risky to you to get rid of the moisture in your watch, make use of artificial heat sources. 

You can use a blow dryer to dry the moisture within a few minutes or keep the watch under the lamp's light so the heat can reach it and slowly dry out the moisture. The watch can also be placed in front of a fireplace. 

Why Should You Always Have An Expert Repair Your Watch? 

Watch fixing is an art. People and brands that design and manufacture watches know precisely how each component works.

Watch Fixing Expert At Treehut

Sustainable watches are a delicate category that requires extra care. When you trust an expert to repair your watch, you’ll be sure that the result is always positive. 

Even though the above methods work, it is always best to resolve the root cause. At Treehut, we have a watch repair service where we diligently repair your Treehut watch at our San Francisco studio. If you are looking for a new watch, you can check out our best-selling collection of wooden watches.  

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