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For The Active Dad: 5 Rugged Chronograph Watches From Treehut Built for Adventure
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For The Active Dad: 5 Rugged Chronograph Watches From Treehut Built for Adventure

For dads who thrive in the outdoors, Treehut’s rugged chronograph watches make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Each model combines robust functionality with unique, sustainable materials, embodying the spirit of adventure. Here are five standout models that any active dad would cherish:

Dubline Chrono Walnut Brown: This watch features a classic walnut wood case and a robust chronograph function. It is a reliable (and very stylish) accessory.

Dubline Chrono Walnut Brown

Rise Blue Marble Brown Ocean: Inspired by the blue waters, this watch is ideal for dads who love the ocean. It is also highly durable, built to withstand the elements.

Quest Black Marble Ebony: This watch is a sleek and sophisticated option for a chronograph watch for Father's Day. Featuring a marble dial, and a stainless steel and ebony strap, it has a clutter-free design.

Mission Walnut Blue: This model is great for dads who need a watch for both work and outdoor activities.

Mission Walnut Blue

Aster Marble Walnut Black: Featuring a luxurious black marble dial within a sturdy walnut frame, this watch offers durability without sacrificing style.

Inspired by Our Founder's Passion for Adventure

Joh, the founder of Treehut, is not only an entrepreneur but a passionate adventurer who often explores the wilderness with his children. These adventures are not just bonding experiences but also serve as inspiration for Treehut’s durable and beautifully designed watches. Joh’s deep connection with nature and commitment to quality craftsmanship are reflected in each timepiece, making them perfect for dads who appreciate the great outdoors and want a watch that tells a story.

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Since a decade ago when we started, our commitment goes beyond crafting exquisite timepieces; it extends to a dedication to sustainability. Join our movement towards a greener future and wear a watch that not only tells time but tells a story of conscious living.

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