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7 Benefits of Wearing Wooden Watches

7 Benefits of Wearing Wooden Watches

We live in a seemingly digital age where smartphones and smartwatches have become the go-to for keeping track of our time. However, media giant Forbes claims that people who still wear traditional watches are more successful and punctual than those who don’t. So, when choosing between a metal or a wooden watch, we’d say go for the latter because they’re more unique and original. Not convinced? No problem. Let us walk you through some undeniable benefits of wooden watches. 

Benefits of Wooden Watches 

Wooden watches are a unique accessory that will automatically elevate any style statement. Here are some more reasons why you should consider adding one to your watch collection.


Every tree is unique, and that uniqueness travels to wooden watches. Each watch has its unique grain pattern. 

In comparison, metal or plastic watches are mass-produced to cut costs, resulting in exact replicas with no uniqueness. Even the most high-end watches look alike. 

Sustainable Wooden Watch for Men

A wooden watch is unique, and no two wooden watches are alike. So, when you’re wearing one, you can be sure that you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind timepiece. 

Light Weight 

A metal watch is pretty heavy due to the use of dense raw materials in its creation. They add unwanted weight to your wrist, which can sometimes get uncomfortable. Even with chunkier designs and more oversized dials, a wood watch is more comfortable and light on the wrist. 


There are so many people that don’t wear a watch due to having metal allergies. Just because you have metal allergies doesn’t mean you can’t wear watches.

Wooden Watches in Unique Designs

A major benefit of wooden watches is that wood is a hypoallergenic material that does not cause allergic reactions on your skin. The material is also very soft on the skin and won’t leave any marks.  

Ages Well 

Sustainable wooden watches are like wine, only getting better as they age. Families can even pass down wooden watches as heirlooms. As the wooden material ages, it adopts a more robust and rustic look and feel. 

Chemical Free 

Metal watches are never chemical-free. Their manufacturers use multiple preservation techniques to ensure the material doesn’t degrade too soon. Wood doesn’t need such chemicals as a coat of wood polish to enhance the grain. Wood ages beautifully with time without requiring chemicals to preserve the material.


Wooden watches are still a very rare accessory because they haven’t become mainstream yet. When you choose a wooden watch for yourself or a personalized gift for a loved one, you choose something rare, beautiful, and unique. 


Watchmakers create a wooden watch from materials leftover from furniture making. Hence, their production does not harm any trees. They are eco-friendly compared to metal watches which require industrial processes for creation that take a toll on the environment. 

Sustainable Personalized Gift For Him

Wooden Watches by Treehut

Wooden watches are sustainable and beautiful and can be worn for everyday or occasional wear. Each watch is unique and has its personality. At Treehut, we are invested in creating unique and functional wood watches that suit and appeal to every aesthetic and style. We source all our material ethically and handcraft each watch in our local factory based in San Francisco.

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