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Blog > Reasons Why You Should Spoil Dad | Father's Day Ideas

Reasons Why You Should Spoil Dad | Father's Day Ideas


Why Dad is Worthy of the Best


At Treehut, we’re a family company. So we love it when any member of the family gets a little extra recognition. That’s why a few days ago we wrote to you with a couple fun facts about fathers. We love spreading some dad knowledge.

 You knew a dad’s role was important, but did you just how big a role he plays in helping his kids become awesome, well-rounded adults? It’s huge! For instance, when fathers are involved in their child’s education, the children perform better in school and have better social skills. And roughhousing with Dad actually helps a child’s brain manage emotions. He might be strong, dapper, or always ready to make you laugh—but no matter what he is, he’s worthy of the best.



Here’s another: did you know that fathers who share household chores with their wives tend to have more ambitious daughters? Yep, it’s science! So for dads that did the laundry, changed dirty diapers, or even just really loved mowing the lawn—say thanks!




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